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Flea first timer

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Teamthrills · 04/08/2012 07:30

2 yr old cat is scratching constantly at the moment although I haven't really seen any fleas on her. We treated her for fleas around 3 weeks ago, but didn't treat the house. We go on holiday next week, so really need to get this problem sorted out.

So, please can you tell me exactly what I need to get and what I should do?


OP posts:
SilveryMoon · 04/08/2012 07:45

It can take months to fully get control and get rid of a flea problem.
Personally, I'd treat the house. You need to get some flea spray which you can buy at the supermarket, but would probably get better stuff at a pet shop.
Spray all around the house, in all of the cracks and round the edges of carpets etc.

It's also a good idea to try to get any flea eggs to hatch so that the fleas jump on the cat and die.
Hoover as often as you can as the vibrations will encourage hatching.
Fleas and their eggs like darkness so remember to get under beds and behind cabinets (if you can)
Good luck

Lizcat · 04/08/2012 08:44

You need to make sure the household spray has an insect growth regulator in it. A lot in the pet shop and the supermarket are knock down sprays and have no residual effect.
IMO the two best on the market are Indorex and Acclaim they both have a knock down to kill adult fleas and an insect growth regulator to prevent fleas from hatch for up to 1 year.

Teamthrills · 04/08/2012 15:50

Thanks so much for the advice - I'll get some spray later. Most of our floors are tiled & wood & I do tend to vacuum round downstairs at least once a day (3 messy dcs), so I hope that will help us?

Should I spray & treat on same day? How long does cat treatment last & how long between treatments???

Thanks again.

OP posts:
Teamthrills · 05/08/2012 17:17

I've started spraying carpets with a spray that contains an insect growth regulator.

We have some frontline treatments to apply tonight & have also bought a flea collar.

Now, is it right we can't use them both at the same time? What should I use to have maximum effect?


OP posts:
SilveryMoon · 05/08/2012 18:26

Me personally, I would put the frontline on tonight and then the collar in about 7 days time.

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