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Fur - anyone got a furminator for their cat?

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mycatoscar · 30/07/2012 19:03

My cats fur is driving us round the bend at the moment! It just seems to be everywhere and much more than when he was younger. I'm tempted to get a furminator after a work friend saying she has one for her dog. Does anyone have one and rate it? They seem very expensive but I really am getting fed up with my fur covered house, it's quite embarrassing and don't have time to clean all my surfaces e every day.

OP posts:
scurryfunge · 30/07/2012 19:06

I bought one after it was recommended on here. They are great! The cat loves it too. I can't believe the amount it removes too.

Lonelylou · 30/07/2012 19:09

Got one for my dog and use it on my shorthair cat...when she'll let me. Smile

There are cheaper versions on the internet so If I had my time again I wouldn't fork out so much money and buy one of those instead.

Use VERY gently holding the skin taught and beware of catching elbows, hips etc.

GobblersKnob · 30/07/2012 19:09

I furminated my mils cat with my dogs furminator and she was so amazed that she bought one straight away.

They are wonderous.

mycatoscar · 30/07/2012 19:16

Oooh okay, I was hoping for replies like these! I am just soooo fed up of forever wiping up fur from windowsills, tables, work tops etc and also finding fur in food etc yuk!

Has it really cut down on the amount of fur left around the house ?

Does anyone's cat seem to not like them?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 30/07/2012 21:26

My cat loves ours, he rolls over to let me do his tummy.

I wish they had been around when we had 3 white persians.

MrsSchadenfreude · 31/07/2012 07:14

Well on the strength of what you lot have said, I have just ordered one from Amazon. Grin I have two very furry cats (one Maine Coon, one Fluffy Moggy) and the fur left on the floor is enough to make a small kitten, so I hope it works!

Lonelylou · 31/07/2012 09:55

OOOO! Exciting eh? My cats not one to be brushed anyway so didn't 'enjoy' it. It took out a lot of hair...didn't completely get rid of it but it meant I could cut down on the vacuuming a bit.

My only other chopice was to varnish the cat and dog to hold the hair on!

Let us know on this thread how you got on.

mycatoscar · 31/07/2012 10:46

Well am bidding on one on eBay which I'm hoping to get for cheap, but if not I will bite the bullet and order one from amazon I think. Thanks for advice Smile

OP posts:
mycatoscar · 31/07/2012 10:47

Mrs Schadenfraude, very jealous of your Maine Coon btw, I've been after one for ages to accompany my tabby moggy.

OP posts:
bitofcheese · 01/08/2012 17:16

we have a maine coon, she is a big girl!! super thick hair which fortunately she loves being brushed. got it down to a fine art as she moves around, i use the furminator with the right hand whilst distracting her/combing her face with the 'normal' fur brush, actually, i find the furminator does leave alot of loosened hair on top so i collect it up using the other standard brush, i tend to do this routing about three times a week. i never brush her legs, arms, tail or tummy thought, just her back and sides, they are fab' things (i do her maine though, she has a big one!!), looks like a lion :D

LetLoveRule · 01/08/2012 18:31

I think I must be doing it wrong! I have a furminator for my short haired but fluffy cats and I don't seem to have much success. Do you have to hold it at a certain angle or something?

bitofcheese · 01/08/2012 18:59

i find it works just using it the same as if it were a comb although make sure the teeth do go into the fur. when i first used it i used to just drag it over the top of the coat .......

MindTheElephant · 01/08/2012 19:13

Yes i have one, its brilliant.
My short haired cat is worse for moullting than my 2 semi longhairs, you only have to sit within a foot of him and you will be sporting a lovely new white fur coat. I have to warn visitors beforehand and keep a sticky roller on hand for them to use before leaving!!!!

I have to take him outside to do him as i end up covered in it. Its amazing how much the furminator removes.

letlove Just make sure you go into the fur deep enough as bitofcheese says, to actually strip the undercoat. The cats feel lovely and soft when all the dead hair is removed.

LetLoveRule · 02/08/2012 08:07

Great - I'll have another go. Obviously not getting right into all that fluff. Thanks!

mycatoscar · 02/08/2012 14:33

The furninator has arrived! After ten minutes of using it, I have a pile of fur the size of a kitten, now to see if I have less fur around the house!

OP posts:
tb · 06/08/2012 11:32

MrsS I have a Maine Coon, too. She absolutely hates being groomed whether with comb, brush, furminator or little pad with bent pins in like a curry comb. She was shaved at the grooming place less than 2 months ago, and is full of tats again. The only part you can groom is her 'ruff' and you can pull out loose fur in handfuls, and she loves it.

Despite being 18, she's very very fast with tooth and claw, so it's rather a dangerous exercise.

SynchronisedSquirrels · 06/08/2012 14:07

I've never heard of these although I've often joked that he needs hoovering. My cat is moulting like mad - I wondered whether it was a seasonal thing as I've never had a cat before.

Purpleknickers · 08/08/2012 14:35

As a resulty of this thread I bought a furminator , the first brush was truly shocking but follow up ones normal amounts.

One week later my house is definitely less furry ... hurrah

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