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Cat Kennels/Catteries?

7 replies

WelshMoth · 29/07/2012 21:49

Am thinking of using one this holiday for our two cats. Does anyone here use them for their furry little friends?

OP posts:
iklboo · 29/07/2012 21:59

We do. We've had one awful one, but the last one they stayed in was lovely with a heated room & a little outdoor run they could potter about in. We paid £11.50 per night for two cats. Search on the Internet for ones in your area & pay a couple a visit before you decide on one.

WelshMoth · 29/07/2012 22:04

Thanks iklboo. Do they require things like vaccine cards?
That may present a problem - our second cat is 'adopted' - well, in the sense that she adopted us. Turned about 8 weeks ago, slightly starved and wonky looking, didn't have the heart to turn her away. Our search for her owners has been futile, so she's still with us, but we haven't had her vaccinated.

OP posts:
WelshMoth · 29/07/2012 22:04

Turned up

OP posts:
iklboo · 30/07/2012 19:31

Depends on the Cattery. One of ours didn't, but the new one did. You could give them a ring & explain?

SparklingGoldMedals · 30/07/2012 19:41

Most catteries insist on the cats being up to date with vaccinations. Ours have to have a photocopy for proof.

Fluffycloudland77 · 30/07/2012 21:23

Go on the FAB website, they do a list of approved catteries, ours is on there and it's brilliant.

They insist you take your vaccination card with you.

MrsGrumps · 31/07/2012 13:38

All I've used have insisted on being vaccinated fully.

In this instance, could you not use a Homesitter to come to you so the cats stay at home?

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