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Can I feed our cat cooked sprats?

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KirstyJC · 29/07/2012 18:42

We bought some today as the kids wanted to try them, needless to say they didn't eat them so we have loads left over. The cat loves all foil packets with fish in, so I think he would love them, but I am worried about the little bones. They are pretty soft - our 16mo DS3 ate them with no problem - but I just wanted to check before we gave them to the cat.

They were just floured and then fried whole, no seasoning added, when I cooked them.

Does anyone know if this is OK?

OP posts:
KirstyJC · 29/07/2012 18:49

Anyone? They are getting cold and I need to know whether to chuck them out or not....

OP posts:
KirstyJC · 29/07/2012 19:45

No-one knows???

OP posts:
sashh · 30/07/2012 04:43

I don't think there would ba a problem. As a child my cat had quite a thing for tropical fish so sprats should be fine.

Paiviaso · 01/08/2012 13:54

I don't know what sprats are, but my cats get sardines, if they are similar?

You shouldn't usually feed cooked bones to cats as they can splinter too easily (raw bones are fine), but if the bones are very very soft then it shouldn't be a problem.

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