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Feline acne

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twofingerstoGideon · 28/07/2012 12:44

My cat has a dark patch on his chin. I only noticed it yesterday - it seemed to appear overnight. Have checked online and it seems it could be feline acne. Poor thing seems to be a bit under the weather, very grumpy etc. Does anyone know whether this is likely to be connected to the feline acne or whether there could be two different things going on?

Has your cat had feline acne? And if so, did s/he become quiet and retiring?

Am really hoping he doesn't need the vet because (a) we are penniless at present and (b) he gets extremely stressed and aggressive if we try to put him in a pet carrier. Various online forums seem to suggest FA often goes away of its own accord, so am inclined to wait and see, but obviously don't want him to suffer.

TBH he's a grumpy bastard at the best of times (but we still love him...)

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Lizcat · 28/07/2012 14:07

As a vet with cat who gets feline acne the first thing I would say is she is never unwell with it. So if the cat is poorly it should be seen by a vet. With my girl as she is not unwell I vigorously clean twice daily.

twofingerstoGideon · 28/07/2012 20:02

Thanks Lizcat. I'm worried about him now. He went out late morning and have not seen him since. We have called him, but no response. He only ate a tiny amount around 8 a.m. and hasn't eaten since. He seemed very nervy and 'sorry for himself' this morning.

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