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The litter tray

My cats no fool

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Cremolafoam · 25/07/2012 22:17

Shes made herself a nest in the compost heap but underneath the waterproof tarpaulin so she's nice and dry when it rains. She also has a clear view of the cat-flap AND the birds nest in the eves of the house!

Why is YOUR cat no fool?

OP posts:
Hassled · 25/07/2012 22:20

I wish I could answer but 2 of my cats are utter fools with approximately 3 brain cells between them, and the other one is a psychopath. I read about these clever cats and part of me dies a little.

Grumpla · 25/07/2012 22:23

Ha. My cat is a fucking idiot.

She regularly attempts to stalk mice / birds / frogs. She is quite good at the lying down / creeping forward bit, unfortunately she hasn't realised that sticking her tail straight up in the air and shouting at them tends to give the game away.

I swear the frogs now play chicken with her , waiting until the last possible moment to hop laconically out of reach before smirking from the pond.

Cremolafoam · 25/07/2012 22:55

Rofl @ idiot cats.
< proud mum>
I have to take backOP though,

She's just scratched herself so hard under the chin that she's made herself cry. Ffs
She thinks someone or something else is doing it too her- Grin douche

OP posts:
QuietTiger · 26/07/2012 18:36

My cat is no fool, because she has worked out that if she plonks herself in the middle of the bed before DH, he won't move her, he'll try and wriggle around her to get in! She then gets most of the bed! She's also worked out that DH puts the electric blanket on at about 9.30pm, so if she's quick and follows him upstairs, she can claim the most warm and toasty spot from the other cats.

OLimpPickMeddles · 26/07/2012 18:40

My cats exhibit the spectrum of cat-elligence from criminal cat-burglar masterminds, managing to open upstairs windows and gain access to the bedroom at night, whilst balancing on a window ledge, to proudly bringing in a feather they have caught and presenting it to me.

Just once one has done the window opening trick whilst carrying in a live mouse. NaiceGrin

Fuzzymum1 · 26/07/2012 19:46

One of our cats wanted to get to me in the bedroom, OH had shut the door, she miaowed at the door for a couple of minutes then went downstairs, out the cat flap, on the fence, up on the conservatory roof and in through the bedroom window looking very pleased with herself :D

issey6cats · 26/07/2012 19:57

mine range from 1/2 siamese tim nice but dim to the hooligan who should have a wall full of asbos by now

sashh · 27/07/2012 07:45

Mine can be spectaculary bright (has cat ninja skills) and as thick as they come.

Example - I'd plugged something in and the cable went past the cat's bowl - she couldn't eat, and just looked at it with her dim face.
She stretched out in the sun yesterday on the path, and banged her head.

Onthe other hand she is not fooled by the laser pointer.

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