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The litter tray

I've just stood on a duck!

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BrevilleTron · 20/07/2012 19:36

And Gruber is now all over DH (CatSlave2) as I am an ungrateful bitch for failing to appreciate the one dead one alive ducklings that were placed beside my bed as a gift.

Gruber, I know you are grateful for the CatMilk but please. No need.
Your constant moulting is enough of a 'gift'

CatSlave 1

OP posts:
MatildaWildwood · 20/07/2012 19:38


I thought that was a euphemism for the fact you'd done a trump and wondered why it was in the litter tray!

BrevilleTron · 20/07/2012 19:39

Never thought of the age old euphemism for a loud fart!

That has made me Grin

OP posts:
SummerRain · 20/07/2012 19:40

What did you do with the live one?

Or was that the one you stood on [oops]

MatildaWildwood · 20/07/2012 19:43

My childish charming dh uses it frequently!

BrevilleTron · 20/07/2012 19:44

The dead one had to be binned and I had to scoop the live one up and carefully explain that I was very sorry that it's mum and dad didn't know where it was, but that I couldn't save it. I couldn't put it out in the garden as FatFurball would simply fetch it back so I dropped it over the fence.

Felt awful but DH reckons it may survive.

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 20/07/2012 19:48

Sounds like a 'one now,one for later' type cat gift. Sad Mum keeps getting frogs from her cat.

SummerRain · 20/07/2012 19:49

They can feed themselves from day one, they only need parents for protection (and look how that worked out) so there's a chance he could make it.

My cats have learned they only get appreciation for dead gifts. I got sick of hunting live mice/shrews/frogs/birds around the house whilst the cats looked on in bemusement.

BrevilleTron · 20/07/2012 19:52

Still, better than the huge moth at 2:00am

OP posts:
NaturalNatures · 20/07/2012 20:11

Mine once brought in a pigeon, still alive, you have my sympathies.

A wildlife rescue centre might have taken it.

Sparklingbrook · 20/07/2012 20:52

Any excuse to direct you to my snake gift pic on my profile. Grin

Purplemonster · 20/07/2012 20:56

Ugh, you have my sympathy, I accidentally stuck my finger in a dead mouse the other day (didn't see it on the kitchen floor amongst all the other carnage the dogs had caused) think since it was FLAT the dogs were responsible for that one though, the cat seems to eat whatever she finds (shudders and remembers sound of small bird being crunched).

BrevilleTron · 20/07/2012 23:50

I've had the homing pigeon minus a foot before!
Why does he feel the need?
Two ducklings?
Is the economic crisis affecting the gift values of pigeons/mice etc.

OP posts:
QuietTiger · 21/07/2012 09:54

We've had a LIVE fully grown Coot herded in through the cat-flap. We've also had a pheasant (dead) I'm sure Dcat found it dead along with rats, rabbits, pigeons & magpies.

Sometimes our garden represents the killing fields. Sad DH has taken to checking for bodies before he cuts the grass. Apparently chopped rotten rat in your face is not a good look!

BrevilleTron · 21/07/2012 10:11

Bearing in mind this is the same cat that I hurled cold vegetable soup over ( whilst he was having a peaceful poo in the litter tray)
He really MUST love me!

So glad I don't have to mow the lawn!

OP posts:
ChunkyMonkeyMother · 21/07/2012 10:22

Ohmygod Sparkling where do you live? How did your cat wrangle a snake?

Sparklingbrook · 21/07/2012 10:27

Semi rural Worcestershire Chunky. We live by a huge railway embankment and I imagine that's where she got it from.

It was still alive, and eventually is slithered off. But it was doing the tongue sticking out thing and raising it's head. Shock

She often brings slow worms. She runs down the garden and it looks like she has a big green droopy moustache.

Up until the snake the worst thing she got was a headless magpie.

Fluffycloudland77 · 21/07/2012 12:59

Worst thing I've had is a baby rabbit, bleeding but only superficial wounds so I always hope it survived.

I have the number of a local wildlife rescue in my phone now, I got it after I spotted a mixy rabbit in the road not moving and drove home with it on my lap. They put it down for me there and then.

Funnily enough the cat had no interest in it at all. Perhaps he thought "theres no skill catching an ill one, food lady".

ChunkyMonkeyMother · 22/07/2012 17:48

Bloody hell! I'm glad ours are house cats ha ha

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