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The litter tray

The Cat is mistaking my bed for a Cemetery...

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JennyNanny · 18/07/2012 14:28

My darling cat, 2 years old, is beautiful in every way except for the fact that she seems to believe it is her mission in life to fatten me up with several offerings of unspeakable dead things.
I say "dead" very loosely, as only about 10% of them come to me dead, most are in various stages of death throes.

I always like to give her the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure she is simply rescuing these stranded animals and bringing them to me for my help and advanced veterinary skills (must be hard to do CPR with only paws) and comes for my aid only to have me shriek unrepeatable hellhathnofury filth at her whilst getting my self far away calmly assess the situation and remove the problem.

It's getting a little wearing waking up to growling/squawking/squeaking and cleaning up flesh covered feathers.

Any tips on stopping her from doing this? Locking her out is not an option, she just presses her face against the bedroom window until you let her in.

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