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My poor baby, when will she start to feel better ??

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TheOriginalNutcracker · 16/07/2012 21:33

Had my 1yr old cat spayed today and now she looks so pitiful and tired and upset.

I know she isn't in any pain but she looks so sad Sad

When will she start to feel a bit better ?

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issey6cats · 17/07/2012 13:47

cats are surprisingly resilient a day or two and she will be bouncing all over the place again

Cailleach · 17/07/2012 17:19

One of mine was totally miserable after spaying (hid under the bed for two days) and the other acted like nothing had happened, jumping around and tearing round the place. The miserable one was eventually lured out of her hiding spot with a can of tuna, after which she perked up considerably.

Give her a nice warm place to sleep and something tempting to eat and she'll soon pull out of it. Bless her.

TheOriginalNutcracker · 17/07/2012 20:49

Thank's. She is a little better today. She has had some scrambled egg and some dry food.

Amazingly she still managed to get up to her favourtite sleeping place today, on top of the fridge freezer Shock I had to get the step ladders and get her down after a while.

She's got a check up tomorrow, which will be interesting as she hates them.

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