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Something really awesome happened.

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loubylumpylou · 13/07/2012 10:40

4 years we adopted a very timid feral kitten. At time of adoption he was 5 months- he was found trembling in a shed when he was 12 weeks old, and there were concerns he might not ever fully trust people. After 3 years he was fine around us and would tolerate the odd pat on the head and I accepted that he was as settled as he was ever going to be.

Scaredy cat has now decided he likes cuddles and sitting on knees! Over the last few days he has been sneaking up to me when I was sat on the couch gave an experimental pat on the head- no smack- so progressed to rubbing behind the ear which he sometimes tolerates if I'm going to feed him after and he started to purr really loudly and flop all over the couch begging for more.

He purred though- actual purrs purrs from a cat couldn't eat if I was in the same room and who has never ever purred in the 4 years I've known him so we are all quite exicted here- esp when he climbed on my knee I was quite bowled over. Hubby is very jealous because he is still getting the odd smack but it's me that does the feeding so clearly that was a point in my favour.

Strange thing to get exicted about and its probaly wierd to post on a forum talking about how happy we are to finally have him happy and purring but I just wanted to share with someone.

Luckily cats can't type so you won't have to read the follow up post from a disgruntled 9 year old cat entitled "How to deal with upsurpers" or AIBU to tell this cat to piss off because that knee belongs to me- even when not currently in use.

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AngelWreakinHavoc · 13/07/2012 10:43

Thats Lovely :)

He is obviously very content with You!

SummerRain · 13/07/2012 10:46

It's the best feeling isn't it?

Ime once ferals turn the corner they become ridiculously loving and cuddly.... You're going to have so much fun with him now Grin

loubylumpylou · 13/07/2012 10:56

It's like someone flicked a switch in his head and activated the love humans part of his personality Summer- its over the course of 2 or 3 days he went from hardly able to tolerate a head rub cat to full on drooly purry on my knee constantly cat.

I need to teach him how to request attention though, right now he just digs his claws in my hand so he can pull it towards him.

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issey6cats · 13/07/2012 11:26

fantastic just shows what patience and love can acheive, normally you have to get feral kittens at about 6-8 weeks to tame them quickly, the foster kit i have at the moment is 7 weeks old and she was found living in a wall and two weeks ago was typical hissy spitty feral kit, now she comes on my lap , purrs like a lawnmower, and has turned round a lot faster than even i thought she would, and yes it is like a switch being flicked in thier heads and once it does they do become very loving cats ,

Cailleach · 13/07/2012 15:28, can he have a word with Small White Fluffy CailleachCat, who will not sit on my lap for love nor money, unlike her big fat pudding of a sister who would cuddle me constantly if she could? Ta!

issey6cats · 13/07/2012 20:47

not all cats are cuddlers two of mine will sit next to me for a fuss but put them on my lap and they look at me with total disgust street cred gone as far as they are concerned

loubylumpylou · 14/07/2012 10:44

The best way would be to convince small white fluffy cat you don't want him on your knee then he is far more likely to sit on your lap.

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