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Feeding advice needed

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RightsaidFreud · 13/07/2012 09:01

I was just after getting a little bit of advice from others on how often in the day you feed your cat? Does you cat have constant access to food? Do you take the food away even if its not finished? Do you use wet food/dry food/a combo of both?

The reason I ask is we are a little worried our boy is getting a little podgy. He a large black cat, and the vet has always said he would be 'bigger' than other cats because hes sooooo long in length, but I'm conscious that it seems hes gained weight since the last time we took him in. We're pretty sure he's not getting fed else where, he spends a lot of the day snoozing, but he's always meowing for food, and has constant access to dry food, which we supplement with wet pouches when we get home.

I feel hes not in a very good routine with his food, he's more or less fed on demand, and I'd really like to get on top of controlling his weight before it becomes a real health issue.

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issey6cats · 13/07/2012 11:41

my cats range from a 6kgs boy to a dainty 2kgs girly and i feed my cats 1/4 of a tin of wet food each in a morning and half a mug full of dry food in an afternoon thats it they stuff the wet food staight down but graze on the biscuits, contrary to belief some cats will eat more than they need, maybe switch your routine to giving him the wet food in the morning so hes not so hungry as cats tend to pick at biscuits rather than eat the whole lot in one go

LineRunner · 13/07/2012 12:05

My vet says that cats are 'grazers' and that it's ok to leave dry food out for them to take a bit of at a time, but to make it a decent dry food designed for neutered cats.

Obviously always with lots of fresh water.

RightsaidFreud · 13/07/2012 16:48

Thanks for the replies. issey hes just over 6kg, so perhaps not too much to worry about. Will leave the dry food out, and change to give him wet food in the morning.

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