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The litter tray

Inappropriate weeing

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jenniepanda · 12/07/2012 21:52

My cat is 14 and has just been diagnosed with kidney disease. He's also recently started not going out so we have a litter tray for him which he uses. A couple of weeks ago we discovered a large puddle on the kitchen worksurface. We assumed this was sick as he drinks so much water. He's done it repeatedly over the last few weeks and today DH caught him in the act and discovered that he is actually weeing on the worksurface.
What can I do to stop it?

OP posts:
GlitterySkulls · 12/07/2012 22:05

my mum's elderly cat started doing this, vet put it down to the stress of my mum having workmen in, then her age. by the time they reached the diagnosis of kidney disease, nothing could be done (too far advanced) & she had to be pts :(

however, as you've caught it early,(you already know he has kidney probs prior to weeing everywhere) you can hopefully find a solution.

i'd go back to the vets, & in the meantime, use one of those enzyme-destroying cleaners wherever he wee's, so he won't keep going back to the same spot.

jenniepanda · 12/07/2012 22:24

Thanks for the reply. What's an enzyme-destroying cleaner and where can I get one??

OP posts:
GlitterySkulls · 12/07/2012 23:38

in the supermarket pet aisle or pet shop, they're usually lemon scented.

something like this-

or this-

good luck & i hope you get him sorted :)

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