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The litter tray

12 week old kitten

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Iamgiulietta · 10/07/2012 22:54

Hi, I have a kitten who will be 12 weeks on Saturday, I haven't wormed or flea'd her yet and I wondered if any of you experts could recommend something? She is lovely but I am having a problem with her pooing in my pot plants, it's driving me mental. I have 2 other big old grumpy 15 year old cats who won't have owt to do with her, any suggestions on how to foster a happy relationship between
them all ???

OP posts:
steppemum · 11/07/2012 00:59

congrats on new kitten. Try any over the counter kitten worm/flea stuff. If the flea stuff doesn't work you made need the one the vet sells. (serve me right for getting a ridiculously fluffy cat)

make cardboard collars for the plants she is pooing in so she can't get to the soil, need to break that habit beofre it gets going! Also at night shut her in a smaller area (1/2 rooms instead of whole house) near her litter tray.

don't worry about other cats, they will work it out amongst themselves eventually.

sashh · 11/07/2012 07:26

The kitten needs its own litter tray.

Fluffycloudland77 · 11/07/2012 09:59

Please dont use bob martin, my friend's kitten nearly died from that.

issey6cats · 11/07/2012 10:24

over the counter flea and worm treatments dont work , the rescue i work at uses milbemax worm tablets you need to go to the vets for them but they are excellent and i use frontline flea treatment on my cats you can get the spot ons from pets at home now or online which is cheaper than the vets

as steppemummy said limit her access to the plants maybe move them to a room that she dosent have access to for a while to break the habit, and give her a litter tray near to where she eats so she gets into the habit of eat, use tray as cats usually toilet not long after they have eaten,

the older cats will work it out in thier own time probably when she is a little bit bigger and not quite so manic kitten

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