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Am I insane to consider this???

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simpson · 09/07/2012 13:21


I have two 2 year old female cats who are very close (they are sisters) however the next door neighbour that we got them off has had another litter of kittens and they are gorgeous.

They a half Persian blue and are a lovely grey colour.

How much harder is it having 3 cats?? Am a mad to consider it??

Also how do you introduce a new kitten to your existing cats??

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issey6cats · 09/07/2012 15:33

with four adult cats and a foster kitten at the moment in my small house i would say that having three cats isnt that hard, and introducing the kitten is just a case of slowly and be prepared for your resi cats to hiss at the kitten, swipe the kitten just to let him/her know they are the bosses but they usually settle down quickly and will either accept the kitten or be standoffish and tolerate , i dont believe in keep them in seperate rooms i just put the newcomer in the same room as the biggies and keep an eye on situation to make sure the big ones dont hurt the kitten kittens sound georgous by the way

Fluffycloudland77 · 09/07/2012 19:08

We had 4 cats in one house. It's not so bad.

Ours all hated each other, the politics were as complicated as the middle east peace process.

simpson · 09/07/2012 21:04

LOL at the middle east peace process!!!

The kitten is lovely, just need to find out what sex it is (although there are 4 of them that all look the same apparently) as ideally I would like a girl.

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MissFoodie · 10/07/2012 15:13

am well jel

BlackCatsAndPurpleDogs · 11/07/2012 09:43

I would definitely get a boy, not another girl.
Neutered male cats have a lovely temperament, better than females I find.Seeing as the sisters get on so well, I am sure another girl might cause problems. A male would fit in nicely, and not be a threat to their bond.

Rikalaily · 11/07/2012 09:53

I've got four, two male, two female (all snipped) They get along ok although the females do have a few spats but thats probably because of the age gaps (the oldest are 8 & 9 the youngest are 2). We got a dog a few months ago and he's alot more work that the four cats put together.

Paiviaso · 11/07/2012 13:48

Why is your neighbour continually breeding moggy kittens? I wouldn't be supporting irresponsible breeding to be honest.

If you want a kitten, I would encourage you to buy from a responsible breeder who takes their craft very seriously, knows their genetics inside out, and health screens all cats before breeding. If you are not bothered about a particular breed, then a shelter kitten could be your lovely third.

simpson · 11/07/2012 16:05

Why they are constantly having kittens next door is a whole other story tbh.....

They have 5 month old kittens (3of them) who will be pregnant soon if not done. These kittens are from the same mother who has just had her second litter at 18 months old.

They (under my suggestion are going to take the newest litter to a cat rescue when they are old enough so I thought I may as well get one as it will be a rescue kitten anyway if that makes sense).

OP posts:
Paiviaso · 11/07/2012 21:27

It does make sense to get the kittens before they go to shelter as long as no money is changing hands- I imagine paying for these kittens will only encourage this person :(

Are you able to convince them to get the mama cat fixed?

LST · 11/07/2012 21:36

I have 3 and a baby and we are soon to be dog owners Grin

simpson · 11/07/2012 22:21

I am not buying the kitty ( if I take it, I did not pay for the 2 I have either).

I have down loaded info showing that our local RSPCA is neutering cats for free ATM as there are so many strays and too many people like next door and given them what I printed out.

I will keep on at them tbh.

LST - I don't think I could cope with a dog!! (or a baby lol).

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