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dark 'sleep' by the eye

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bitofcheese · 05/07/2012 17:36

my cat has a fair bit of this the last few weeks. she seems fine and i don't see her rubbing her eyes etc. i have never had a cat before and possibly this is a summer thing for cats? i have noticed other cats with alot of this dark stuff by her eye. i try and wipe it away but she ain't having any of it, annoyingly. i also try and comb it away as she likes to have her face combed (!), it does go eventually by her cleaning her face. i just wondered. thanks

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pinkyredrose · 08/07/2012 07:53

My cat gets this sometimes and my old cat used to get it alot. It's quite normal and nothing to worry about.

I found the best thing was to use damped kitchen paper and wipe it away when she's on my lap snoozing or being stroked.

bitofcheese · 09/07/2012 19:29

thanks pinky although sadly, she WON'T let me clear it from her eyes, even if i catch her when she is in one of her snuggly mellow moods, i find that it goes after a day or too plus when i comb her i try (although unsuccessfully) to clear it as she likes having her face brushed..

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