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The litter tray

Cat keeps peeing on our DD's bed.

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MiseryBusiness · 24/06/2012 15:29

Our cat keeps peeing on our DD1s bed. We try to keep the door shut but DC's open it when they go in and out.

DD has to keep sleeping on the chair bed in DD2's room because we keep having to wash the bedding/mattress and duvet every other day.

What can we do?

OP posts:
issey6cats · 24/06/2012 16:40

all you can do is keep on to the children to shut the door on thier way in and out, maybe a magnetic lock thingy on the door or a bolt which you keep on top of, ie; bolting it if the children forget if the children have to open a small bolt to get into the room might remind them to do the bolt on thier way out

RedwingWinter · 24/06/2012 19:16

I just posted this on another thread, but there is a useful factsheet here on what to do if a cat pees outside the box. I agree with Issey that you should remind the children to keep the door shut as that prevents access. Otherwise make sure to keep the litterbox clean, clean up any messes quickly, and generally try to keep the cat happy and not stressed.

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