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Those of you with AWOL/Missing cats-when do you move on?

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sockhorror · 22/06/2012 10:08

Our lovely cat has been missing for just over a month. We have always been a two cat household and we (and his remaining friend) miss him terribly. We have done all the recommended things to try and get him back, and a bit more besides and still every night I go to bed with a heavy heart and remember with a jolt that he is missing every morning. I still spend time outside calling and am always looking out when I drive anywhere.
My question is, and I realise the answer is probably never, but practically- at what point have those of you with AWOL cats moved on? I am not saying for a minute that I am looking to rush out and get another cat after a month, but we may have to accept at some point that he is not returning and at some point in the future we would want another- but how long do you leave it??
Practically/financially two cats is really our limit but obviously if said cat returned one day after getting another, I'm sure we would manage.

We once lost a cat on the road, and distressing and sad as that was, I am finding this worse. The not-knowing is terrible.

Please tell me your experiences of missing cats- I know a few do miraculously return after a long time, but realistically, how common is it for a cat to vanish without trace?

OP posts:
LST · 22/06/2012 11:44

I don't have anything to add as I've never been in your position, but your post made me cry Sad

I'm sorry op. I hope he comes home x

sockhorror · 22/06/2012 12:21

Thank you- I hope so too. Is so hard to hear nothing. I was sure that with all the leaflets, posters and calls I made I would hear something- even if it was bad news. But nothing- no suspected sightings even.

OP posts:
ThistleWhistle · 22/06/2012 20:14

My friends cat was missing for 2 months and she had pretty much given up hope of finding him and then he was found on the other side of town, so there is still hope.

My own cat went missing over a year ago and we never found him so I know what you're going through and it is awful. I had lots of suspected sightings that always turned out to be a different cat sadly. I hope that you find him, 1 month isn't that long so don't give up hope. We got another kitten last autumn as a playmate for our young cat we still have. I would love my missing cat to come home though, even though it would mean we have 4! I have a very old cat as well. I think however many cats you have they pretty much learn to rub along together.

Peggotty · 22/06/2012 20:19

Our lovely black cat went missing nearly 3 years ago. We were away on holiday and the cat sitter was looking after the cats. It felt worse somehow that we were away when he went. I thought he might come back for weeks but slowly hope faded over a few months, I would say. It's awful, the feeling of being in limbo and just not knowing what happened. I still have a little cry about him every so often even now. I try to think of the nice things about his life with us - he was a real character. You'll get there eventually.

QuietTiger · 26/06/2012 14:52

We got another cat fairly soon, but made the rule that if our missing cat ever turned up, we'd never turn him away because his "space" was taken IYSWIM?

My boy has been missing 2 years this June and I still miss him every day, so know what you are going through. My sympathies.

Nagoo · 26/06/2012 14:58

Mine has been missing 6 years and I still half-look.

My other cats have gone missing for 2 weeks (in someone's house getting fat) and 6 weeks (AWOL) and come back. There is still hope.

sockhorror · 26/06/2012 15:18

Thank you.

It helps to know of others in the same situation. Even now, every so often and usually in the evenings when i'm tired, I have a little cry and feel that I have let him down by not finding him.

I'm not sure what to do about future kittens/cats. Every other cat I've had I've brought home in the summer- because of my job I am around a lot more then to settle them in, and also DC to get to know it better.

So I guess i could think about a kitten/cat for this summer with the proviso that my lovely boy will always have a home with me if he comes back. If not this summer I think we'd wait for next, but then remaining cat is lonely too...

feel so guilty considering it!!!

OP posts:
sereneswan · 02/07/2012 17:25

A friend of mine had her cat go missing for 4 months...

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