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Name my beautiful ragdoll kitten

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TerraNotSoFirma · 16/06/2012 19:52

He is 9 weeks old and nameless, I just brought him home 20 mins ago.

He is a seal-point.

What would you call him?

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MrsVamos · 16/06/2012 22:40

What do you want to know ?

Mine eat Go Cat Indoor, and Felix, but fish flavours only ! For some reason they don't like anything poultry or meat, just fish. But that's probably just my boys !

I would recommend getting him a 'cat tree' with things to do, so that he has somewhere to sit, scratch etc...remember they are indoor cats so need amusing when they are little, and for exercise too.

Plenty of balls to knock about, also toys to chase. One of the best things we ever got was a laser toy, which the boys adore at night !

You will need to get him used to grooming, use a pin brush to begin with, and get a small slicker brush, otherwise his fur WILL get matted. Mine adore being brushed and will lay every which way on my lap while I groom them.

You will probably find that the older he gets, the lazier he gets, it's true what they say about raggies. Smile Don't let him outside unless enclosed, they really are they type of cat who will just plonk themselves anywhere, leaving them exposed to dangers.

TerraNotSoFirma · 16/06/2012 22:47

Thanks for that. First time raggie, Had moggies before though.

I have got Iams kitten to start him off with, DH is already planning a trip to pets at home to buy toys tomorrow, Will tell him to get brushes as well.

Will be keeping him indoors but may build a run for him in the garden in the future.

OP posts:
TerraNotSoFirma · 16/06/2012 22:51

Thank you to everyone for the suggestions, Much appreciated.

DH has decided he will have Tyrion as a middle name. :)

OP posts:
PoohBearsHole · 16/06/2012 22:53

dd would like a kitten named cous cous. I appreciate that it probably isn't to everyone's taste Grin

MrsVamos · 16/06/2012 23:04


I only feed mine the Indoor as it has grass and veg in it that helps with digestion, and helps to prevent fur balls from grooming etc, because they don't get outside to eat grass and other greenery.

You can also actually buy grass for cats if you so desire ! I also give mine the 'Whiskas' anti-fur ball and dental 'treats', they love them !

If you are planning on a meat for him, mine came home on the Hi Life Kitten Meat, which is a bit like a paste, I'm sure all kitten meats are the same. They also sometimes have the Iams meat but for some reason really love the Felix, and don't eat any other food quite with the same enthusiasm.

Quite a good toy can also be a crinkle tunnel, as it gives kittens somewhere to escape to if they feel scared, and they love the noise ! Having said that, mine love nothing better than a cardboard box to play hide and seek in, or a paper bag !

Don't feel that you have to build a run or anything in the garden, what they don't know they don't miss. I don't feel like my boys miss out by not going outside, we have 2 dogs who are always in and out of the back door into the garden, but the cats have never attempted to go out there. They like to sit at the windows and make noises at the birds, one of mine will have a right chatter to and wildlife he spies !

Someone once told me that raggies are the closest cat to a dog, and I think they are, in the sense that they follow you about like a dog, and also love to chat. Mine all yowl in the morning, and will tell us when it's dinner time, and always come yowling hello if we have been out, they are talkative little fellows ! Also never happier than when on a lap, or something cosy. Smile

You will probably find raggies addictive. I haven't met anyone yet who has only 1 ! I am after a red one next....Grin

Florin · 16/06/2012 23:05

We have two ragdolls, most wonderful cats ever I would never have any other type of cat. However ours do go outside, they were so upset about being shut in they would cry for hours that we eventually let them out. They now rule the neighbourhood, they are known by everyone (we once went to a wedding a couple of counties away and they had been to our town and met out cats). They make wonderful pets as so loving they actively seek hugs all the time, everyone who meets them just falls in love instantly. We give ours dry food which they have 24 hour access to. If we give them wet food they refuse to eat dry food and cry for it all the time hence sticking to dry food. However they do have the odd treat. They are real foodies and have found very limited things they don't like because of this they steal food if ever given the opportunity (even if you think there is no way they could get at it) some of ours favourites include cake (preferably Victoria sponge with icing) salt and vinegar crisps, spicy foods like fajitas, guacamole... The list goes on. These are the stolen thing we only choose to give them meat. One treat that is good for them is if you are having chicken get chicken thighs instead of breasts and bone them yourself and do not a brilliant job of it so you leave a bit of meat on the bones. It's good food for them they eat the lot including all the bones and is very good for their teeth (chicken bones always need to be raw never give cooked bones)
Ragdolls are great clowns they are always keeping us entertained we love them to bits. Hoping they are good with babies as I am 39 weeks pregnant so will find out soon. They have always been extremely patient with visiting children though. My main worry is them sleeping in the bottom of the pram and pushing them into town with them still in there!
Enjoy your gorgeous kitten!

catmadmummy · 25/06/2012 20:12

Hi congrates on kitty i have 5 raggies they are the best breed ever.mine are all girls.where did you get your little man from,if you dont mind me asking:-)

littlekitty4 · 25/06/2012 22:37

we are picking ours up next week and he will be called baltazar among other things i expect x

fluffyraggies · 26/06/2012 17:26

My 2 are Augustus (seal point) and Pandora (blue point).

They are nearly 2 now, and both quite large, but still very kitteny at heart. Love them Grin

kitsonkittykat · 28/06/2012 12:01

I have a seal point mitted raggie! Best cat ever. I love him so so much. We are waiting for the breeder to have a seal lynx, then we will get another kitten.

Mine does not go outside at all. We have a nice cat tree, and he loves watching the birds on the feeder. Mine is also a sneaker, it is his goal to get into any bag which might leave the house and come along with us. He is, however, far too big to hide.

Ours did well with royal canin kitten food, and their kitten wet pouches. He is now just moving to the royal canin instinctive.

Good luck with the name, Im sure he will tell you soon, what he wants to be called!

TerraNotSoFirma · 28/06/2012 15:32


Well the name OTIS didn't last long, He is Callahan now. :)

What a little character he is. I got him from a breeder in the highlands of Scotland and I can see me getting another :)
He seems to be doing well on the Iams kitten food but is such a mooch, Especially on a Sunday when the roast chicken is being dished up. Have taken to putting him up on my bed during dinner. :)

OP posts:
LynetteScavo · 28/06/2012 18:17

Otis is definitely a human name! (But I didn't like to say)

Callahan is unusual. Grin

TerraNotSoFirma · 28/06/2012 18:37

As in (Dirty) Harry Callahan :)

DH choice, I named the dog so he gets to name the cat.

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