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My cat hates my new kittens!!!

5 replies

deb9 · 16/06/2012 17:07

any advice please on what to do as my older cat is petrified of my new kittens. She refuses to go anywhere in the downstairs of the house since their arrival and stays out of the house as much as she can.

OP posts:
bamboobutton · 16/06/2012 17:13

i had this problem.

i had to rehome the kitten after a year as my old cat refused to come home for weeks at a time and was turning feral. i tried everything that everyone recommended first though such as feliway, keeping seperate etc.

your cat may get used to them in time.

gingerpig · 16/06/2012 20:34

how long have you had the kittens?

deb9 · 18/06/2012 19:39

Hi there, Ive had the kittens 3 weeks tomorrow

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 18/06/2012 20:56

We had a multicat household when I was little and it wasnt so much happy as a ceasefire with occaisonal outbreaks of violence.

It was a mum, daughter and daughters half brother.

SIL has two cats though and they got on at first but pretty much ignore each other now.

suzi2 · 19/06/2012 22:55

It takes time. Your cat will just see it as two cats invading her territory. So make sure she's 'top cat' and has more freedom than them. Try feeding them near each other as they'll tolerate each other more that way.

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