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How often can you worm cats?

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EauRouge · 13/06/2012 11:55

One of mine is a hunter (we live v near farmland so lots of mice and birds) and he needs worming again- how often can I safely do it? Can anyone recommend a decent wormer? Thanks.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 13/06/2012 13:21

did this at college this morning panacur is a good one treats round, tape and lungworms and comes in paste, liquid and granule form so some way of getting it into the cat website says every two to three months if a hunter and six months if not

issey6cats · 13/06/2012 13:21

panacur can be ordered online aswell

TwoIfBySea · 13/06/2012 13:25

I must admit I use the drops on the back of the neck, needs done every couple of months as all 3 of mine go out and about (instead of lazing on someone's bed they laze on the decking in the garden, it's a life.) I use that as prior to that I dreaded giving them the tablets, even trying to grind them up I always ended up being scratched by the old tom who is never in a good mood at the best of times.

My arms are now no longer bloody!

Lizcat · 13/06/2012 13:47

Panacur misses out one tapeworm. Even easier is profender a spot on that does all round and tapeworms currently lungworms is only an issue in dogs. BSAVA recommends that all cats are worked every 3 months.

EauRouge · 13/06/2012 15:05

Thanks all for your posts, I will see if I can get any of that Profender spot on stuff. My cats are massive and one is a polydactyl, I don't fancy trying to give him a pill Grin

OP posts:
GiveTheAnarchistACigarette · 13/06/2012 20:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crazynanna · 13/06/2012 22:52

For an indoor nearly 1 year old.. who will be outdoor often should she be being wormed? Smile

Lizcat · 14/06/2012 11:27

Still BSAVA advice is every 3 months mainly to protect children.

littlekitty4 · 15/06/2012 23:16

we were advised by our vet to worm our cats every 2 months as like you we live quite rural close to rivers and famland and they are all hunters, mice, rats, birds and rabbits and the odd stoat ;)

Freshletticia · 16/06/2012 00:09

Milbemax-a tiny palatable tablet , put it inside a squishable cat treat. I do mine every 6 weeks. Buggers cost me a fortune but are good rabbiters.

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