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The litter tray


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mrsshortiesmind · 08/06/2012 09:33

We have just got another kitten to keep our first kitten company. Basically we got 2 kittens, one died after a week and we wanted another, but due to a squashed paw and a planned holiday we have only just picked the 2nd up. Pixie is about 16 wks and merlin is about 12 wks, pixie is constantly growling. They seem to 'play fight a bit' but pixie seems very put out, will this calm down? Any suggestions on how we can make sure pixie is happier?

OP posts:
issey6cats · 08/06/2012 13:48

presumably pixie is female so in cat talk she will be the boss as cat society is matriarchal and she is letting the new boy know that though she isnt much bigger than him she is the top cat, some cats growl some dont, i have a tiny wee black foster kitten at the moment he wheighs 300gms and when a bit of cheese fell on the floor yesterday he saw off my 4.5kg half siamese with a very feral sounding growl, just give each kit space to escape each other and im sure they will be fine and pixie will settle down

Latara · 11/06/2012 23:23

My cat is a 5 year old doll-faced Persian RSPCA cat - adopted her at 5 months. I was shocked when she growled - as i didn't know that cats can growl. It seems to be a way of showing she's on the defensive; as a warning that she may attack. She usually does it when she is being brushed (every day basically!) Also she growls when anyone else (except me) picks her up - followed by hissing & a swipe with her claws. Also seeing other cats can start her growling (with anger i assume). The vets can never listen to her chest as her entire body vibrates with loud growls... (this is as well as the loud wailing, squeaking, howling, meowing, hissing & spitting - not much purring though bless her!). She used to be very aggressive but that's improved now & she's always been very affectionate luckily.
My cat was ill-treated by previous owners - but that's not an issue you have to worry about obviously! So i doubt you will have to cope with the behavioural problems my cat has suffered from, which is good!

The growling is just another way of communicating for cats.
Don't worry too much - Your kitten is very young so will probably get used to the other kitten soon - try a cat behaviour book for ideas on how to get your kittens to tolerate each other. Separate food bowls & litter trays are usually recommended, & equal amounts of fuss for each cat - good luck.

mrsshortiesmind · 13/06/2012 12:52

Thank you for your replys, amazingly by Monday Pixie had stopped the growling and now they sometimes even sleep together! They love charging round the house and fighting, Pixie still squeals when they fight, but I think that is just her.

OP posts:
BadgersRetreat · 14/06/2012 19:21

my cat growls at the vet Blush

mind you he's usually just shoved a thermometer up her bum so can't blame her...

she will growl at DH too if he winds her up plays with her too much

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