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Advice again please :)

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Mama1980 · 27/05/2012 21:03

Hi I can't find my old thread on here? Just looking for help again please :) well rescue boy is doing great, hard to believe he was at deaths door 6 days ago! He's eating, drinking, peeing everywhere and pooing great, after a anxious few days. He has taken to lying on the sofa being stroked most of the time, he really seems to like company. Problem is he is having to be in his crate as much as possible because if his leg/hip he is supposed to be confined and resting but he hates it. He hisses and claws whenever I put him back in there, I'm worried he is going to hurt himself. He has food, water, litter, and soft blankets in there but just hates it so even in there he isn't resting very much. Does anyone have any ideas or advice as to how to make it more pleasant for him? I am a total novice.

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issey6cats · 27/05/2012 22:38

i would suggest that if hes not too active out of the crate leave him out , feed him outside the crate and just put loads of blankets in the crate and just put him there at night, cats are pretty good at not doing more than they can they dont have the same concepts as us humans if it hurts him he wont move too much, one of my cats almost ripped her back claw out and i had to keep her in for 5 weeks she hated it as it was summer and she wanted out, she was headbutting the window like a loony towards the end this is with buster collar on, had to laugh at her but still kept her in

Lizcat · 28/05/2012 08:20

As I remember he has a fractured pelvis. So it is jump or even stepping up we are trying to avoid as this disurpts the healing pelvis. How many weeks has he been in the crate now? Have you tried putting him in backwards which is often easier?

Mama1980 · 28/05/2012 08:38

Hi thanks Smile I only found him a week ago so he isn't going back to the gets for a check for another 2 weeks. He smashed his leg and severe bruising around his pelvis. The vet was pretty certain he was hit by a car. I will try the backward thing thanks. He will lay in the sofa fine not moving but only if someone sits with him as soon as you move he tries to follow.

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