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The litter tray

I've worked out why kittens are cute. It's to disguise the fact they're a complete pain in the neck

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Hassled · 22/05/2012 10:31

I'd forgotten what they're like - I've now remembered that while I love cats, I can really do without kittens.

I had to scoop the kitten out of the bloody dishwasher this morning - I'm now going to live in complete terror of inadvertently washing him. He uses my leg as a ladder to get on the sofa, he is always, always right behind my foot, he's done something to my laptop by sitting on it while open and now I can't get any sound out of it at all.

I've over-compensated for my guilt at finding him annoying by buying so many cat toys that it's now a kitten version of ToysRUs here, but he'd rather be right behind my foot than play with them. The adult cats, who I thought might be a bit aggressive, are in fact just plain terrified - one in particular is a cat on the edge - one more kitten encounter and she'll have a complete breakdown.

His only redeeming feature is that he's unbelievably cute - this has to be some evolutionary thing to ensure survival, doesn't it?

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 22/05/2012 10:44

It's pretty much the same with children though isn't it?

Hassled · 22/05/2012 10:50

I suppose it is. And I've always preferred children to babies.

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 22/05/2012 10:52

If they didn't look so adorable when they are asleep and look cute when they giggle etc though.... not sure the human race would survive :o

issey6cats · 22/05/2012 15:30

think toddler and kittens are on a par with an 18 month old human who is determined to disrupt your whole day and then looks like a total angel when fast asleep, i have an 8 week old foster kit at the moment and i have to have eyes in the back of my head with him, and like your cat when i firsat brought him in you would think i had brought in a fire breathing dragon not a little scrap of cuteness my big huge hairy monster cats ran away from him, they have chilled a bit now 2 weeks later so your cat probably will too

ripsishere · 22/05/2012 16:59

Awww, my lovely gingerboy is currently nipping and twisting my arm because I can't physically stroke him any more. He is also moulting like a bastard.

qazxc · 22/05/2012 18:39

yes they do love being right under your feet. and as children they love to "help" with housework (loading washing machine, sweeping, etc...).
I foster, i my adult cat is also scared of them, when DP tried to introduce the last foster, she turned round hissed at DP and flounced to hide under the duvet.
Whenever I've adopted before it was always adult cats, at least you know what you get in size, temperament, etc.. and they are passed the manic, shred your curtains, clamber up your leg with sharp little claws, trip you up, .......

chobbler · 24/05/2012 14:30

Gee thanks guys I shouldn't have read this as my first kittens ever arrive in a few weeks. going to the owners to choose tomorrow what do you look for?

issey6cats · 24/05/2012 15:37

bright and healthy, interested in you ,playing with their siblings, male or female (different temprements) , size and shape of kitten will give you an idea of grown cat, ie short fat kit or long elegant kit , colour of kitten

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