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Bald patches

6 replies

MuckingFuddle · 20/05/2012 21:10

My cat has got a bald patch on her back just where her tail starts and one underneath her tail. She has been scratching quite alot recently but we cant find any fleas when we comb her.
She seems fine in herself - scatty, full of energy, bright coat and eyes etc.
We gave her a flea and worm treatment yesterday but we are unsure of what to do next ...?

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iliketea · 20/05/2012 21:22

My cat developed bald patches and it turned out to be an allergy to the food she was eating - she's now fed a low allergen food. It's stupidly expensive, but cheaper than the vet bills.

MuckingFuddle · 20/05/2012 21:26

Thanks iliketea she always has the same food - she only eats one brand [fussy cat], but we are not to sure if our neighbours feed her. Did your cat develop an allergy after a while or did she always have it iyswim ?

OP posts:
iliketea · 20/05/2012 21:28

she developed it after being fed whatever happened to be on special Blush foe several years. we eliminated lots of other possibilities until vet suggested trying low allergen food and that sorted the problem out.

MuckingFuddle · 20/05/2012 21:39

Grin We used to buy what was on offer but she only eats "Classics" fish range Grin they are cheap so we dont mind.
Thanks will keep it in mind, she had also been bringing home lots of Rats recently, some of them have not been whole so we were wondering if that had anything to do with it. She had always been a good hunter but has only just started to butcher them.

OP posts:
MuckingFuddle · 22/05/2012 12:47

Bumping iuncase anyone else has an idea........

OP posts:
Lizcat · 22/05/2012 13:27

There are a lot of different causes of baldness in cats allergies, fleas, mites all kinds of things. A trip to the vets would help narrow it down.

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