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Finding homes for kittens

6 replies

8oreighty · 19/05/2012 16:13

Does anyone have any advice on best way to do this? We have managed to find homes for 6 with local friends etc but still have two left...don't really like the idea of Advertising them online.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 19/05/2012 18:10

get in touch with your local rescue look online for will bring up all the local rescues where you live, i work at Haworth cat rescue and they can usually accomadate kittens fairly quickly as people want kittens to adopt

8oreighty · 19/05/2012 18:29

Thanks I did think of that but don't like idea of them being in cages at centre? Will call on Monday anyway, thanks

OP posts:
droitwichmummy · 19/05/2012 18:34

Where are you? If you are near us we might be able to take one

8oreighty · 19/05/2012 18:45

South oxfordshire

OP posts:
droitwichmummy · 19/05/2012 19:05

Too far from me then Sad Someone closer to you may be along soon who can take them on.

ripsishere · 19/05/2012 20:08

Post on the local boards here? put an advert up in the vets, the vet we use has a homes wanted bit and so does pets are us or whatever the shop is called.
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