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Rescue cat or kitten?

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SparkyTGD · 19/05/2012 09:52

Hi, would appreciate some advice/opinions.

I am SAHM, have 7 yr old DS and 9yr old dog. My old cat had to be pts last month Sad

So am feeling very 'cat-less' Grin and want to get a youngish cat or kitten from rescue centre. We have quite a lively house, with boy (& friends Grin) and dog so any new addition would need to be robust & confident.

Pros of getting older cat, less work, less mess (hopefully) more 'robust'?

Pros of getting kitten, might adapt better to DS & dog?

Dog is well trained & was very tolerant & friendly to cat.

OP posts:
ripsishere · 19/05/2012 10:25

Speak to your local rescues and see what they recommend. I think I'd go for an older cat, they do tend to get overlooked in favour of lovely little kittens.

Taffeta · 19/05/2012 10:29

Def speak to the centre, they know what will suit their cats and kittens best.

I visited ours and was interviewed in depth about our circumstances, and asked what my preference was - I said I didn't mind. At the time the DC were 4 and 6 and they said it was likely I'd either get a young cat or kitten.

They called a month later and we were asked to go and choose a kitten. Well, as it turned out, he chose us. Grin

ragged · 19/05/2012 10:41

Many rescues have older cats that are used to dogs, sounds perfect.

MoreCatsThanKids · 19/05/2012 10:42

Contact Cats Protection and they will help you match your household to the right cat. But I would say older cat not kitten. We adopted 2 boys last year - they were 3 and 4 years old - so not babies but still up to a 'busy' house.

Don't assume any rescue cat will be 'easy' though - we have adopted 4 over the years and all of them have had 'issues' of one kind or another - it depends why they need re homing

If you rescue a kitten it is unlikely to be very 'messy' as they will be already litter trained etc.

Sparklingbrook · 19/05/2012 10:44

My Mum is about to get a 2 year old cat from the Blue Cross. Apparently they have trouble homing all black and black and white cats.

Most of the rescue places have websites you could look at before you go and state whether the cats on there could live with a dog/children etc.

Good luck. Very excited for you and a bit Envy Grin

issey6cats · 19/05/2012 18:15

look online for this site will bring up all the rescues where you live, at this time of year there are usually a lot of young mom cats aswell as kittens waiting to be adopted so the rescue will know which cat or kitten is suitable for your home

SparkyTGD · 28/05/2012 22:01

Update, thanks for advice, am now the delighted owner of 1yr old beautiful female cat from local cat rescue Grin

Spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed.

She has settled in really well, acting like she owns the place already and supervised times with dog going well.

Looking forward to posting in 'crazy things your cat has done' type of threads Grin

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 28/05/2012 22:03

Brilliant Sparky. We need a photo. Smile

issey6cats · 29/05/2012 13:37

aww brilliant glad to hear a good outcome may she boss you around for a long time to come

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