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Do those holiday cat feeders actually work?

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boredandrestless · 18/05/2012 19:49

Going away for a few days soon, can't ask my usual cat sitter and don't like giving people a spare key. Am umming and ahhing about getting one of those 48 hour cat feeders but don't want to risk setting it and going away if they are unreliable.

Has anyone used them?

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CMOTDibbler · 18/05/2012 19:50

We used to use one, and it was great

boredandrestless · 18/05/2012 19:57

Thanks for speedy reply cmot - need to go get one tomorow really if I'm getting one. I've left things rather late! Was the one you had like this?

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CMOTDibbler · 18/05/2012 20:01

Ours is this one.

Now our house has Too Many Animals, so our cleaner will pop in and feed them all, but it was great when there were just two cats

Northernlurker · 18/05/2012 20:08

We borrow a friend's 24 hour one sometimes. It's great. You can tell it's working because it's a clock ticking basically. I usually put a fresh battery in it just in case Grin If it's only a day or two your cat would be bloody cross but not actually harmed if it failed as long as they have water.

boredandrestless · 18/05/2012 20:17

That one looks good. Don't have time to wait for delivery though I don't think (going monday morning) and I don't recognise any of the names of the suppliers listed on their website. Could ring round local independent pet stores though and see if any of them stock it.

My cat turns her nose up at water unless it's freshly running Hmm she doesn't drink very much at all. I always leave it out though if I'm away just so she has the option.

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bibbitybobbitybunny · 18/05/2012 20:19

Yes, they absolutely do work. Make sure the battery is good and you have set it up correctly. They are a godsend to us as we go away for a weekend a lot.

pinkhebe · 18/05/2012 20:20

We have a clockwork one, I always put more food in than normal incase it gets stuck!

dylsmimi · 18/05/2012 20:29

We had.both the electronic and clockwork ones. Both worked well. Tips I would say is put it where you usually feed your cat and try her/him with it a few days before as sometimes the noise of it opening startles them till they realise its food! Will help you relax while you are away too

boredandrestless · 18/05/2012 20:34

Thanks everyone. Think I will throw myself into PetsatHome tomorrow Hmm and get one, then can set it up for Saturday and Sunday and make sure it works before I go away late Monday morning. Fingers crossed I can buy one in the morning and it works!

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dylsmimi · 18/05/2012 20:50

Oh and it also helps if you want a lie in! Our cat used to scratch on the door or jump on you for food early (pre kids so 6.30/7!) But unfortunately most of the time when the timer was set and we were in would demand we get up! But worth a try!!

Fluffycloudland77 · 19/05/2012 11:57

My cat learnt how to open his.

One paw on the lid to hold it up slightly and then pull the tray out with your teeth.

I always wondered why his tray was out of the feeder when I got home.

boredandrestless · 19/05/2012 17:51

My cat has never woken me up for food! Sounds quite common though as have seen it mentioned in online reviews of these feeders too.

My cat doesn't eat much, she's only a little thing and rarely pesters.
Can't see her trying to break into either (again seems quite a common occurence from reading reviews).

Went and bought one this morning and set it up, bowl 2 has opened up while we've been out this afternoon and she's eaten some of it so fingers crossed it should be ok.

Thanks again everyone for the advice. Smile

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sphil · 22/05/2012 07:19

Have come a bit late to this thread, but am going to buy a feeder on the strength of advice here. What do you do about water? Our cat only drinks if its fresh each day ( we are going camping Friday evening -Sunday). Is there such a thing as an automatic water dispenser?

putthehamsterbackinitscage · 22/05/2012 10:29

You could try a water fountain... not fresh water obviously, but running water if that would help?

mine have a pet waterer - gravity feeder that dispenses more from the bottle as they drink - also wouldn't be fresh out of a tap, but might work?

boredandrestless · 25/05/2012 20:19

Thought I would come back on to report that the cat's holiday feeder worked (hooray!). I bought the 5 bowl one from pets at home.

I also left out 2 bowls of those treat type biscuits, two bowls of water, and a cup of water under the tap in the bathroom sink where she usually drinks from the tap. Hmm Grin She will usually only drink running water but I thought at least there is some there for her then if she does get thirsty she can swallow her pride and drink from a cup/bowl like the other peasants! Mine does eat wet food though so she gets water from that too - if she only ate dried food it would be more of an issue I guess.

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