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Some advice about what to do with my 2 year old cat!?

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shouldIbecrossaboutthis · 17/05/2012 16:29

I'm having to move out of my house for a year and go into rented housing. I will still come to my house every week day for work.

My rented house is 1 mile away from my current house and the rented house is on a very very busy road.

What's the best thing to do with my cat? I'm worried if we relocate her to the new house (which we HAVE to rent as there are no others) she will get hurt on the road? Where we live now has a road, but it's not so busy and not literally on the doorstep like it is with the new house.

I'm thinking of leaving her at the original house Mon-Fri and then moving her to the new house on weekends so she isn't lonely and keeping her indoors there so she is safe, but will this be distressing? She is quite easy going really.

ARGH, what shall I do?!

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issey6cats · 17/05/2012 18:13

im fairly sure that being as you are going to be there during the week she will enjoy your company whuile your there and not mind being indoors at weekends as cats are not as loyal to us as we are to them they love us when we are there and generally sleep when we are not, all you can do is try it and if it dosent work then rethink the plan

shouldIbecrossaboutthis · 17/05/2012 23:27

Thanks issey6cats, I think that is what we will do. I'm just too worried about the road Sad.

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shouldIbecrossaboutthis · 18/05/2012 15:03

Just a little bump to see if anyone has any genius ideas?!

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