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Kitty is being PTS

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Willow89 · 16/05/2012 14:02

Hi all have posted here before about my 8 month old kitten she has the FIP virus we discovered about 2 months ago, she has gotten weaker and developed jaundice last week, as well as being attacked by a stray cat and spraining her leg:(
The poor thing is in bits, she was brought to the vet today by a family member and was decided that the kindest thing is for her to be PTS.
I know this is for the best as I don't want her suffering but I am devastated I can't stop crying. I am very lucky in that no one (animal or human) that I love has ever passed. So I am finding this hard to deal with. Appointment is at 3 to bring her in. I also don't want to make a show of myself in the vets when it happens. Just wanted to post to people who will understand how hard this is.

OP posts:
MrsGrumps · 16/05/2012 14:07

I lost it at the Vets when I last lost a cat, it is fairly normal. I think they would find it strange if you did not show you were upset, so please cry if you feel it coming.

I'm sorry to here that you have to have her pts but it is the kindest thing we can do for those we love no matter how hard it is to make that choice. I'm sure you would not want her to suffer instead.


kingprawntikka · 16/05/2012 14:17

Me and My husband( who never cries) cried loads at the vets when our rabbit had to be put to sleep.
The vets gave us some time alone with her, and we held her once she had been given the injection. The vet left us alone with her for a while until it had taken effect. We were given the option of leaving the surgery via the back door if we didn't want to walk back through the waiting room.

It was very sad and I wasn't prepared for how without substance her body would feel once she died. I also was surprised to have to sign a consent form and agree to what we wanted done with her body. Its obvious really but in my upset it hadn't occurred to me. You can take your Kitty home to bury or the vet will arrange cremation. You get an option to have the ashes back if you would like to.

I didn't feel embarrassed at how upset we were. I imagine the vet would be very surprised if you could lose a much loved family member and stay dry eyed.

Our vet was so very kind and gentle, and I'm sure yours will be too.
really sorry you have to go through this.

issey6cats · 16/05/2012 16:59

a big hug especially being as she was such a young cat dont worry about crying, vets are understanding i balled my eyes up recently when i had to make the horrid decision and i didnt get the option of going through a side door i had to face going to reception to pay for it, and then had to get the bus home with one very dead cat as i dont drive and too far from home to walk, whiskey is now buried in the back garden under the flame bush

Nobhead · 16/05/2012 17:15

So sorry OP. I have lost 3 cats all of which had to be PTS, i was in bits every time.The 1st one was 16 YO and we got him when I was 7- I grew up having him around and cried non stop for about 2 weeks after we lost him. Sad It is hard but at least she isn't suffering now.

alabasterangel · 16/05/2012 17:38

I was going through the same 2 weeks ago. I'm so sorry because it is very hard, but the kindest hardest thing and most responsible. My sympathies.

Be kind to yourself, tears are allowed. It gets better slowly, honestly.

teanosugar · 16/05/2012 20:20

If your vet is anything like ours they will be very understanding.
Both myself and DH were crying in the vets when our last dog was pts.
I was in bits a week later when I took the left over medication back and the receptionist gave me a big hug and some tissues.

Its so hard, and must even more upsetting as yours is so young, we have only had kitten four months and I cant believe how attached we all are to him.

Big hugs to you

Willow89 · 16/05/2012 23:15

Thank you for all the replies, kitty was PTS this afternoon and it was so hard but she looked very peaceful and in no more pain which is the important thing. I was in a heap in the vets and for a couple of hours after. The vet was lovely, so kind and understanding. Again thank you for all the kind words, am hoping this grieving period passes quickly, I am very lucky to have three other cats to help me through.

OP posts:
kingprawntikka · 17/05/2012 08:48

So sorry Willow, It does get easier, slowly.Just be gentle with yourself and cry when you need to. You can always let it out on here too.

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