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Adopting cat/s? a few last minute wobbles

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Daisybell1 · 16/05/2012 05:06

We are wanting to adopt a cat! We have one older outdoorsy cat and live on a farm so there is more than enough space for another one, possibly two.

DD is 7 months old and lurves cats with a passion so we need something bomb-proof, and we think we may have found him.

He's at our local blue cross having come in because of family allergies. He's a 5yo large neutered tom, very laidback and playful. He's been used to a busy family home with people coming and going so we shouldn't be too noisy for him.
I was immediately sold on him and then dp announced that we could get two, and he does have a friend who he was bought in with who could come to us too...

All's fluffy so far, but before I get carried away, what else should I be thinking about? We're already set up for cats, as I said we have the farm so have an old house full of 4 generations of crap hidey holes, vets are sorted, no cat flap but I'm on maternity leave for another few months and dp is in and out of the house all day.

But is two too much at once? With the baby too (and possibly another one on the way )?

Anything I haven't thought about?

Thank you!

OP posts:
Bluestocking · 16/05/2012 05:36

I can't see any reason why you shouldn't go for both cats, especially if they are friends. We adopted a pair of older cat friends and they are really cute together, especially at night when they cuddle up together on the end of our bed and wash each other's faces. Obviously you'll have to keep them inside for a week or so, so there will be a litter tray to deal with which you can't touch, but as long as your DP is on board with poo duty that shouldn't matter too much. I would say go for it!

Daisybell1 · 16/05/2012 06:32

Thank you! Yes, I think my dp is right - one isn't much more work than two. Plus the farm supply stores sell cat food in bulk so that's not an issue.

We have a poo palace which will contain that issue. I'd also got cat nets for Dd's cot/pram just in case.

Is there anything else I should think about, esp with cats and babies? I'm thinking that this is probably a good time as dd is currently stationary so the cats will be able to get away!

OP posts:
Bluestocking · 16/05/2012 06:52

I really don't think cats are much effort. I've pretty much always had a cat or two around and apart from finding someone to feed them when you go away, they are not much trouble!
We had one old cat when DS was born. He was as good as gold with him, kept out of his way when he didn't feel like having his fur yanked, but if he was in a tolerant mood he would sit with the baby and let him touch him, but move away if DS got too grabby. I was a little bit worried about the whole "cat sitting on the baby" thing but truthfully I think this may be an old wives' tale - I've never heard of a baby coming to any harm from being sat on by a cat, have you? A friend of mine with much older children showed me a lovely baby picture of her son as (who was born with jaundice) lying in the sun, which they used to recommend for neonatal jaundice, with her cat stretched out alongside him to keep him company. Like you, I did have a cat net for DS' Moses basket just in case old Fluffy went potty and tried to jump on him!

Daisybell1 · 16/05/2012 06:59

This all sounds good Smile

I do have form in this area - went to the cats protection about 12 years ago to get a cat with ex h, came back with 3! I had to argue to get the 3rd (the daisy in my nickname) but he relented and we became inseparable. She got me through my divorce and was very good at seeing off bad boyfriends. She loved dp though, and in a spooky woo moment, died the night I bought dd home from hospital...

I miss my partner in crime and, although soft bomb-proof cats are best for dd, I'll miss having a cat with a hint of malice about it!

OP posts:
Daisybell1 · 22/05/2012 20:52

Quick update - went to meet the boys today and they are fab! They're both gorgeous, happy friendly souls and they seem to be pretty bombproof. They're both large but with long slim legs rather than massive massive.

Fingers crossed they'll be coming home soon!

OP posts:
RandomMess · 22/05/2012 20:54

My only thing is if you get hugely affectionate cats, your evenings involve being sat/laid/leaned against Grin

Fluffycloudland77 · 22/05/2012 20:56

Unless you decide they are NOT having a fourth pouch and they sulk in the kitchen all night.

RandomMess · 22/05/2012 20:58

Or decide that you are the "one" they adore and if you try and have lay in at the weekends they come and stomp all over you and then try and snuggle up to you and you get harrassed to continually stoke them.

Then they decide you need practice at catching your dinner and bring you a constant supply of birds and mice that you have to either catch and release or take to the vets to be pts Sad

Daisybell1 · 22/05/2012 22:29

Oh the joys!

One of them has a bed linen obsession plus can only drink moving water Hmm The other one seems normal so far - fingers crossed. I'm glad we're getting both as it looks like the original boy will be happy prowling outside, whilst his mate stays in for cuddles.

We have a farm so the small and furries are likely to be less cuty cuty and more ratty ratty!

I'm just on the hunt now for a very sturdy scratching tree/play centre - they will destroy anything showing weakness very quickly!

OP posts:
RandomMess · 22/05/2012 22:40

On zooplus we got an extra tall sisal tower for about £10 - it's fab without a lot of attacking.

Mine prefer running water or stealing from your glass, so we bought a water fountain that they do like but theft is still a good game in their eyes

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