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has anyone looked after a blind cat?

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qazxc · 15/05/2012 14:08

My foster kitten has been booked and the animal rescue have been on saying they are looking for a foster for a blind cat. Obviously he would need to be kept inside but does anyone have any experience with this kind of cat? If so what are the do's and dont's?

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fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 15/05/2012 14:10

My old cat went blind when he was about 5 and after a very short while you could not really tell, he learned his way around the house and used his whiskers to navigate, never bumped into anything or misjudged heights :)

qazxc · 15/05/2012 15:02

Who am i kidding? I'm a sucker for sad cases, so of course i'll take him in. So far we have had cat missing tail, cat missing toes and pads; DP wonders if we'll ever have a "whole" cat. My ex housemate used to accompany me to the local animal sanctuary when i got food for my snakes to steer me away from cages containing cats with no ears, paws, etc...

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fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 15/05/2012 15:03

Grin sounds like it will have a great home!

issey6cats · 15/05/2012 17:01

if you are on facebook there is a blind cat rescue society on there they are in america but a fantastic orginisation im sure if you emalied them they would be able to give you loads of info, at Haworth there was a blind cat (she lost both her eyes as a kitten) who lived on the premises and the main thing her owners did was not moving furniture around so she knew where stuff was, litter tray on the ground floor so she didnt have to go upstairs to find it, food and water bowls always in the same place, other than not being able to see she was just like any other cat she just bumped into stuff occassionally if she was in the yard and we made sure she didnt go very far

TheFlyingFishFinger · 15/05/2012 21:09

My white cat gave birth to 5 kittens, 3 of them had problems, 2 were deaf and 1 was blind their mum was a mute, it's common in white cats.

Unfortunately the blind white cat got to about two years old (my friend took her on when she was a kitten) and she got out and then got run over :( but prior to that she was a happy healthy cat, they just cope really really well.

Wolfiefan · 15/05/2012 21:17

Only experience is reading Homers Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. I think she did a blog too

Horsemad · 15/05/2012 21:46

My cat is blind, she went blind a few years ago and it hasn't really changed anything, except we can't let her out in the garden unattended, but as she's getting quite old now she doesn't really want to be out much any more.

We just don't move the furniture round much so as not to confuse her :)

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