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in the bad books

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qazxc · 13/05/2012 18:14

Oh dear I've been put in the dog house. I've brought back the foster kitten (unfortunately he didn't get adopted this weekend). So I thought instead of leaving him in the kitchen I'd introduce him properly to my Molly (7yr, neut female). she was not impressed, cue hissing and growling. Kitten has been relegated to the kitchen (not really because of the hissing, she wasn't taking a swipe so i figured he was safe enough, but he started to scale my vintage net curtains). Now neither of them are talking to me. If i go and stroke either of them I get a dirty look and no purring. I feel really bad, how do i get the cold war to end?

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qazxc · 13/05/2012 18:47

Ha kitten has caved got hungry. Molly on the other hand expects more from her human slave.

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issey6cats · 13/05/2012 19:45

lol maybe you will have to do some grovelling but cats never forget it dosent look too good for you adopting a mom and kits though, what a shame as rescues couldnt function without foster moms

Fluffycloudland77 · 13/05/2012 20:02

My cat has a best friend cat, I tried to fuss him and my cat ran and stood inbetween us.

Took me ages to get him to come to me as well.

I've left mine in a cattery. When I get back he will follow me around the house and wail if I go out of sight to do anything unreasonable like laundry.

qazxc · 14/05/2012 10:27

There has been somewhat of a thaw in mollycat. She spent last night firmly on DP's knee being lovely to him/ thoroughly disgusted with me. Today she is being full on drama queen. Insisting i move over in the bed, wanting to be lifted on to the couch, she is also fake limping (ie just when she thinks i'm looking). she clearly thinks she has been to lax in her demands seeing as i have time for "the intruder".

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issey6cats · 14/05/2012 10:52

ooh you are still in the dog house somewhat then she sounds like a delightful girly cat, my girl cat gives me the glare if she cant get her own way if looks could kill, but the boys are very comme see comme sa they just wander off and get up to something horrible to get me back if ive slighted them

qazxc · 14/05/2012 18:01

the animal rescue has emailed me. they have the kitten booked. hopefully order will resume until i get another foster

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