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Cat has weepy eyes

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toodaloo · 09/05/2012 10:12

For the last few months, every few weeks the cat has had clear liquid coming from his left eye, it looked like he was crying. But it would go away after a few hours, his eye isn't red, nor does it look irritated. When we took him for his jabs, (we got him from a rescue place in Jan) the vet said it was nothing to worry about.

The last few weeks it has happened more and more culminating in last night both eyes were weepy and he was keeping them closed. He is fine within himself, eating, drinking, playing and going outside. He didn't really go outside much previously as he is a nervous cat and he has only recently had the confidence to start going out. So we were wondering if it is allergy related???

Do you think it is anything to worry about? Can cats get hayfever or have a dust allergy? We are thinking of taking him to the vets but could the vet do anything?


OP posts:
MoreCatsThanKids · 09/05/2012 18:03

MoreCat1 gets very bad hay fever - she always looks like she is crying this time of year :( She also has a skin condition which she has steroid injections for sometimes (she pulled nearly all her fur out one summer) The steroids seam to help hay fever a bit but am taking her back to vet in couple of days to see if he can give her something specific for hay fever.

If your cat can't/won't open his eyes I would take him back to vet.

Good Luck (MoreCat1 hates going in car/bus and makes herself sick with anxiety - so we have to walk Hmm )

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