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How do they know?

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Lizcat · 08/05/2012 17:28

So my old lady is pretty poorly and will probably not be around that much longer. So does a little message go out in cat world? On Saturday night I had a beautiful little cat brought to me as a cruelty case who has touched my frosty heart and I have just got to have her.
Looks like the paperwork will work out and just have to get DH to agree.

OP posts:
EnjoyResponsibly · 08/05/2012 17:30

Ah yes the International Language of Meow.

You have been chosen, and must accept.

A furry blessing on you and elderly Lizcat.

Lizcat · 08/05/2012 17:35

Oh I am aware of the honour bestowed upon me. But how do they know?

OP posts:
CrispyCod · 09/05/2012 00:12

This always happens to me. As one departs news gets out that there's a vacancy and before long it's a full house again!

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