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kitten behavior help.

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qazxc · 08/05/2012 13:04

I have a foster kitten. He's a lovely little thing that loves cuddles and play. Unfortunately he has a habit of attacking feet and jumping up on your leg digging his claws in to "climb". Is there anything that can be done to discourage this? or do myself and new owners need to invest in chain maille trousers?

OP posts:
ripsisherethecheekycunt · 08/05/2012 13:31

One of mine used to do that. He outgrew it and just nips me for attention now.

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood · 08/05/2012 13:33

our little ones did this but have grown out of it. We said no and moved them away each time they did it.
We also clipped their claws so it didn't hurt so much!

crazynanna · 08/05/2012 15:27

I think it's called 'The wall of death'! Grin

They do grow out of it,thankfully.

Fluffycloudland77 · 08/05/2012 16:30

Mine stopped after neutering.

Plus they get too heavy and the physics defeats them.

blizy · 08/05/2012 22:56

I'm hoping they grow out of it, my legs resemble a road map thanks to my 12 week old kitten! Good job he is too cute.Grin

MNP · 09/05/2012 01:10

Clip the claws front and back to decrease the points so less grip :o

Pinot · 10/05/2012 19:25

Mine dis this too. All last summer I had to wear cheap linen trousers from sainsbo's as my legs were shredded.

They stopped eventually, and I have no scars that I can see.

PoohBearsHole · 10/05/2012 19:28

Stopped Shock you lucky old lot. We have a burmese and if she doesn't get enough attention (lots of people in the room) she likes to run up you - claws and all. However she was like this from the word go and it sounds like yours is just playing and will grow out of it. Most do just neurotic burmese weirdo cats that seem to think they are children don't

alistron1 · 12/05/2012 21:42

Mine still does this, but only in the morning after I get up. I think it's 'cos he's so happy to see me again/be fed that he gets a bit giddy Grin

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