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Cat been in a fight, maybe with brambles?

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Teds77 · 05/05/2012 15:34

Poor puss has just got home with a variety of scratches on his nose and one just under his eye. Everything else okay and it looks more like he's had a fight with a bramble bush than a fight with another cat.

I'm a big softy and worried about him. I guess I just need to wait and let these heal up. There's no reason to go to the vets unless they get infected? Sad

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oreocrumbs · 05/05/2012 15:41

Just leave scratches, have a good look and check that there are no bramble thorn points in. If you are so inclined dilute some dettol/savlon and wipe them over but to be honest you will probably end up with more scratches than then cat.

If they get infected take him to the vets but I doubt they will, cats are good at sorting themselves out.

Its just part of cat life, he will be ok. Give him half a tin of tuna for medicinal purposes and some Wine for your own Grin.

Sparklingbrook · 05/05/2012 15:48

If he starts not eating or not being himself then that would be time to worry. Cats just like to worry us. Smile

Teds77 · 05/05/2012 16:24

Thank you - just wanted reassurance really! He's let me clean up his face a little bit and it looks less bad once there isn't blood smeared everywhere.

He's curled up on the big chair so hopefully there's room for me to snuggle up with him. They are such heartbreakers when they get themselves in messes Smile

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