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OopsCat at vet's again, can't keep food down. :(

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oopslateagain · 04/05/2012 17:45

OopsCat is nearly 17, blind, arthritic, but still going strong. Just before Christmas the vet noticed a high heart rate and did a thyroid check and BP but all was OK. Three days ago, he started vomiting after every meal but was still 'perky' and fine in himself, I stopped his medication as per the vet's instructions and had an appt booked for Monday.

Well this morning he didn't come down for his breakfast, SO not like him, he's usually first in line. I had to go and physically prod him awake and then he staggered down to the kitchen, ate a few bites and wandered off again. He hasn't had a drink since yesterday. Rang the vet and managed to get him seen this afternoon.

His heart rate was through the roof and he's lost half a kilo since January. Sad Vet's taken bloods and given him an anti-emetic and an appetite stimulant, she thinks it's thyroid but that's what they thought in December and it was all negative.

Blood test results on Tuesday due to the bank holiday Sad

She gave me some special food for him, fingers crossed he will eat it and start drinking. It's going to be a long weekend.

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MNP · 04/05/2012 18:29


oopslateagain · 05/05/2012 20:34

Vet rang this afternoon, they managed to get the blood tests rushed through before the lab closed. His liver results are a bit abnormal, they think there may be an infection there but not sure; also his thyroid readings were a bit high - still in the normal range, but apparently vomiting and being ill can lower your thyroid readings so his 'usual' thyroid is probably quite high. They're going to run another test which will show his 'normal' thyroid function versus what it's doing now - if that makes sense! But we won't get those results till Wednesday. The vet said she'd like to get him on antibiotics as a precaution but we can wait till Weds to pick them up, that way the test results will be in and we can get any other meds at the same time.

He loves the 'special' food! And has been eating like a horse all day and keeping it down, thank goodness. Grin

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