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The litter tray

BlueCat apparently doesn't like our house. Advice please.

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BlueAndRedMakePurple · 04/05/2012 10:05

She's 5 years old, has always been the cat equivalent of house trained. We have not needed a litter tray for a long time now. Since we moved last November she's started having lots of "accidents", no apparent regular pattern to them, just every few weeks I'll find a puddle or a pile somewhere.

This morning was the straw that broke the camels back, I woke up to an almighty crash, ran upstairs (we have a 3 storey) to find the cat dashing out of the bathroom having ripped off the bath panel (its not attached properly because DH is still doing work in there). DD has been complaining that the bathroom smells funny for about a week and the bath panel has been moving regularly (I have been blaming the 2 young DS's). I can't see anything under there but suspect she's been weeing under there.

Why is she doing this now? How do I get rid of the smell out of bare floorboards under the bath? And is the only solution really to get a litter tray?

OP posts:
issey6cats · 04/05/2012 12:09

it sounds like she is territory marking even girl cats do this, sounds like you may need to get a litter tray to maybe settle her back into a routine of not randomly going to the loo wherever she wants to might be worth a try anyway

all you can do for the floorboards is wash thoroughly with bicarb of soda and hot water as this has a neutralising effect on the ammonia in the wee pets at home does a cleaner that is supposed to be good aswell and try to keep her out of the bathroom while the work is being done its probably the work that is unsettling her or is there another cat in the area that is upsetting her

Pinot · 04/05/2012 12:11

Oh she sounds really stressed.

Here is a link that helped me...


BlueAndRedMakePurple · 04/05/2012 16:32

Oh Pinot theres a couple of points on that link that have thrown up a flag with me Sad.

3-4 weeks ago we turfed the garden including the bit she'd been using as a toilet-this would co-incide with the sudden starting of accidents again.

And there has been a big black moggy hanging round whom she may or may not be scared of.

How do I deal with this??

OP posts:
sashh · 05/05/2012 04:37

Try feliway.

Biological washing powder will get rid of the smell.

Pinot · 05/05/2012 09:47

Purple - tbh when my kitten started spraying everywhere I had to fight my instinct to tell him off. It was that link that explained it's al about the love right now She's really out of sorts, a bit scared and feels all upset and bothered. If that was a child, you'd snuggle them, cuddle them and soothe them. So that's what I started to do with Ginger. I smothered him with affection and he loved it (all cats are selfish like that :) ) and then he started to want to please me (by using his litter box). Of course every time he did use it, I went overboard with praise.

Is that any use to you? I would try and settle her (feliway is a good idea) and hopefully she'll feel better. Plus it's nice to cuddle cats innit :)

She might prefer a litter tray for now, even as a temporary measure until she settles down a bit? The 'crystal' type litter is v v good at not smelling.

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