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Tree houses...advice please?

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SimplyTes · 01/05/2012 13:52

So very excited as we are getting two boy bengal kittens next month, visiting them for the first time this weekend. Anyhow, keen to make house v cat friendly and tree houses / play stuff suggested, have seen so much on internet, various costs / sizes. Can anyone reccommend a good site to buy from? TIA.

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Fluffycloudland77 · 01/05/2012 15:07

TWO Bengal boys? blimey.

One had me begging the vets to neuter him at 5 months not 6.

We just used ping pong balls, a really tall scratch post and a catnip mouse.

SimplyTes · 02/05/2012 07:14

Thanks fluffy, have scratch pole and toys but bengals love to climb, had mad dream that I actually just got a big branch from park and built a cat tree! I know it will be a challenge but that's part of the fun!

Have read with envy the posts of people with kittens and the best ever was Pinots! Roll on this Saturday and our first visit.

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