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Very upset

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mrsshortiesmind · 29/04/2012 21:53

We have had our kittens only a week and this evening willow has been put to sleep. She had really bad diahorriaea, was not eating and the vey couldn't get any fluids in. They did all they could, but she was really suffering and it was felt it was the only thing to do. We are all so upset, even though we hadn't had her long she was already part of the family.

We are just hoping her sister dosent get I'll too, we are taking her to the vets in the morning for antibiotics.

Just needed to tell people who would understand.

OP posts:
ExitPursuedByABear · 29/04/2012 21:55

Oh so sorry. How old was Willow? It is so hard when something so small and fragile is ill.

Fingers crossed for her sister.

SecretNutellaFix · 29/04/2012 21:56

I'm sorry. How old was she?

Sparklingbrook · 29/04/2012 21:56

*mrsshorties> I am sorry to hear that. Hope things go ok tomorrow. It must all be very upsetting. x

RustyKuntz · 29/04/2012 21:56

:( so sorry, how sad for you all.

Did they know what had made her ill? Was she vaccinated?

Hope her sis is ok and good luck at the vets tomorrow.


crazynanna · 29/04/2012 22:57
mrsshortiesmind · 30/04/2012 09:46

Thank you everyone, the vet thinks it was feline panleukopenia, they hadn't been vaccinated yet as they were so small and age was a question, they were aprox 10 weeks.

Taking pixie this morning for jabs and a check.


OP posts:
ripsishere · 30/04/2012 12:12

Sad poor Willow. At least you had the humanity to take her to the vet rather than allowing her to be distressed.

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