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The litter tray

When you know your cat looks on you as 'mum'...

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oopslateagain · 28/04/2012 20:57

Was watching tv with DH, and oopskitten came in, coughing and retching. Thinking she was going to throw up, I pushed her away towards the door, but she just huddled on the floor close to me, still making horrible coughing/retching noises. I got up and knelt next to her, and she sort of sidled towards me, that's when I noticed the tiny bit of grass sticking out of her nose. So I pinched it in my fingers and pulled... and 6" of grass came slithering out, along with copious quantities of cat snot.

Oopskitten skipped off, happy to be rid of the irritation. I sat there, with a vile cat-snot-dripping bit of grass in my fingers. DH was pissing himself.

OP posts:
issey6cats · 28/04/2012 22:05

aww bless poor wee one one of mine lies in my arms like a baby with a look of total pleasure on her face she is my baby the boys dont do cuddles

tb · 29/04/2012 00:40

Mine used to sleep under my hair when she was a kitten, and start kneading my neck below my ear looking for a nipple. She did leave at 14 weeks, so it wasn't that she was too young.

She also used to sleep on my head, with her front paws in one ear, and her feet in the other. Fortunately, before she grew to her adult weight of 11lbs (Maine Coon) she gave this up.

She's beside me now with her feet on me.

crazynanna · 29/04/2012 12:18

My kitten thinks I am her mummy! She hangs onto every word I say,follows me everywhere,talks to me and cries if I speak to dd Grin

teanosugar · 29/04/2012 18:30

My kitten think I'm his mum!
Comes in our bed about 5am, kneading and prodding me, then settles down in the crook of my shoulder with his head tucked under my chin!
Also, runs in from the garden, checks where I am and goes out again.

shoegal34 · 30/04/2012 13:30

I know, because my DP refers to me as mum when speaking to the cat, haha. "Go and sit on your mum as I have to work" etc :-D

And the fact she is like my shadow :-)

seabuckthorn · 30/04/2012 13:35

Sad sob! I need a cat back in my life.
Very cute stories.

NowWeKnow · 30/04/2012 13:38

Apparantly I'm our two's 'grandma'Hmm according to dd's who are first port of call when it comes to claiming ownership (ie they're mummy) but not when it comes to emptying the litter tray.

CharlieUniformNovemberTango · 30/04/2012 13:44

I knew my cat saw me as mum when he started sitting on the edge of the bath meowing at me. Specifically if the kids were busy else where. It's a peace disruption tag team thing going on I'm certain of it.

They have decides between the 3 of them I must never have a peaceful bath. Ever.

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