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Vet has recommended re-homing my lovely cat - can anyone help?

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Tricksterfrickster · 27/04/2012 19:17

My lovely female cat is 9, and has up until now been a lovely cat (she still is lovely!) but since the death of her sibling a year ago, has become increasingly stressed and taken a dislike to my other older cat (who has other health issues so can't be re-homed). She has no health issues (apart from being a little portly, she loves food!)

I also have a toddler and a baby on the way in a few months, so after trying to improve the situation at home for quite some time for her, and lengthy discussion with the vet, it seems re-homing is going to be an option, but I don't want to go about it through a shelter which would be stressful for her (and therefore me!) Ideally I'd like a new family who I can meet and explain all about her little ways, and they could maybe send me a photo and a Christmas card and let me know how she's doing!

I live in North Yorkshire, and she travels well in a cat box so Leeds, York, the north east, even Manchester at a push. If you know of anyone who is looking for an adult cat please could you get in touch. She would need to be an only cat (as its other cats that stress her out), a relatively calm home, she can be left during the day but needs cuddles and a lot of love on an evening. She's really affectionate! She's good with children as long as they're not too boisterous and she loves being inside but does need access to a garden as she's been used to having one and does like to go out although not for that long (although she uses a litter tray too). Phew, it seems a long list, but if you know anyone suitable and need more details please please get in touch. I really want her to be settled and happy. Many thanks....

OP posts:
augustajones · 27/04/2012 19:29

Can't help I'm afraid but just wanted to say best of luck. It sounds like she needs a lovely retired couple who will give her lots of love and cuddles!

bamboobutton · 27/04/2012 19:33

try here

i wouldn't recommend rehoming her yourself as you don't know who is taking her, it could be someone looking for an animal to train their dogs on.

issey6cats · 28/04/2012 19:50

same here as bamboobutton beware there are people who offer to rehome your cat and all they really want is a cat to let thier fighting dogs practise on as bait seriously rescues are the best way to go but not the big one as they do have a PTS policy wheras the smaller independant ones dont, 9 though not easy to rehome isnt impossible as the rescue i work at Haworth cat rescue quite frequently rehomes 9yr olds and older and everyone who comes in is checked for suitability though you may have to wait to take her in, have you tried other things like feliway plug ins , and rescue centers (shelter is usa term and implies kill in 7 days) are like posh catterys most have thier own pens, shelf, heaters, a run we have people comment on how fab our center is

boringnickname · 28/04/2012 19:55

Do people really do that? thats just awful :(

I would contact your local cats protection league as they will probably have a list of mad cat ladies lovely new potential homes. Wink If not, will be able to point you in the right direction for local rescues.

Best of luck x

issey6cats · 28/04/2012 22:08

yes they do sadly and not just cats there was on my facebook a dog who had gone missing in blackpool stolen from its home only young and the body was found on the beach torn to pieces sadly dog fighting is making a big come back i know what i would do to the barstewards involved

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