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at vaccinations..can't afford them!

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vethelp · 22/04/2012 01:49

Hi! I have namechanged as I don't want to be flamed! I have 2 3 month old kittens. We got them before DH lost his job and now we can't afford the vacs for them both. We will save to get the female done as we really don't want kittens but my question is.. in an affluent area, where cats are most likely vaccinated, how bad is the risk if we let them out without having them? I have looked into the pdsa but they won't help in this area (checked on their website). How bad is it not to vaccinate? Please help, we love the kitties but sudden lack of money is not great!

OP posts:
crazynanna · 22/04/2012 02:07

Have you looked at Bluecross and RSPCA?

NatashaBee · 22/04/2012 02:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RichManPoorManBeggarmanThief · 22/04/2012 02:25

I'm a bit confused by your OP. Do you mean vaccinations or do you mean neutering?

Vaccinations (usually done annually, although some compounds last longer) protect against cat flu etc. They are nothing to do with stopping them breeding. Also, just because people are well off doesn't mean that they are up to date with their vaccs. People forget, they put it off etc. Also there are likely to be some feral cats who wont be vaccinated.

Neutering stops them getting preggers/ getting other cats preggers, which is what I think you mean, but actually, if they're going outside regularly, then you need both.

Cats shag like rabbits and can get pregnant very early- 6 months I think, so if you dont get her neutered, and let her outside, chances are you're going to get kittens. In any case, cats will happily shag their relatives, so even if your kittens are brother and sister, it will happen.

vethelp · 22/04/2012 02:42

I am worrying about letting them out without vacc's done. I know she needs "doing" by 6 months but the cost of the vaccs is beyond us just now and they really want to explore. The sites I have looked at all suggest that hey do not cover our area. Will look at bluecross. Thanks for that! We are in North essex but in an area that seems to be a black spot for financiall help!! I would never have taken tham on had I known this would happen, they are loving and happy..but want to explore and I'm skint!

OP posts:
sashh · 22/04/2012 04:01

Check the charities (PDSA, RSPCA, Cats Protection) and also speak to your local vet - mine does a 'club' whereyou pay monthly and get an anual check up, vacinations, worming and flea treatment.

Most vets are more concerned with the health of animals not making huge profits so will often let you pay a bit at a time.

tabulahrasa · 22/04/2012 04:16

RSPCA they're north east Essex...and they do neutering.

The first couple of years are the most important for vaccinations according to the vet school my cat goes to, for building up immunity.

I'd look into the neutering schemes, which should free up money for the vaccinations.

TimrousBeastie · 22/04/2012 11:21

for neutering have look here and see if you would qualify for help-

Fluffycloudland77 · 22/04/2012 14:26

Have you tried a vets in a cheaper area?.

They ideally need microchipping in case they go missing too, some places will do this really cheaply when neutering.

I aggree they cant go out if they havent been neutered and had their jabs. You would be surprised how many people dont vaccinate.

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