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JizzyWizzyLetsGetBusy · 21/04/2012 19:26

Not the bottom sort!


Just wondering if any one here has got one. The only way we could have a cat again (due to road) would be to have one of these. Just wondering whether they would be cruel or if cats have known no different, would they be ok?

OP posts:
ragged · 21/04/2012 19:30

I suspect it depends on personality, too, and maybe breed. A ragdoll, for instance, would be fine. An instinctive Gifted hunter it would be unkind to constrain their world so.

Why a cat? Why not get a.... ferret, perhaps? Or house rabbits?

JizzyWizzyLetsGetBusy · 21/04/2012 19:40

We love cats, and lost our two to the road Sad

OP posts:
tabulahrasa · 22/04/2012 04:26

Personally I think they're a bit cruel - it's like taunting them with what they can't have... I'd rather just have an indoor cat.

You get rescue cats that have to be indoor cats for various reasons and plenty more that have a personality that means they'd be perfectly happy being indoors.

You also get a few breeds of pedigree cat that are suited to being indoors as well.

TheSameButDifferent · 22/04/2012 12:49

Thanks Tabulahrasa. I know what you mean about the cruel thing. We kept one of ours in for a year, and it was horrible to see him scratching at the window.

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