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FIP virus

6 replies

Willow89 · 31/03/2012 08:20

Hi was just wondering if anyone has any experience of this. Brought my cat to the vet to due to fluid on her tummy. And the vet seems to think it is this we are waiting in bloods to confirm:(

Did anybody go through this with there cat? Any happy endings? My cat is only 6 months btw

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Willow89 · 31/03/2012 18:53


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Lizcat · 31/03/2012 20:19

FIP is a mutation of the Cornavirus which is commonly found in cats. We do not know why it mutates in some cats and not in others. There are two forms of the disease dry and wet. There are lots different methods used to control the disease, but no cure. There is no vaccine avaliable for this disease.

putthehamsterbackinitscage · 18/04/2012 20:41

Liz cat can you expand on this a bit more....

Just back from a very sad trip to vets with 4.5 month old kitten with swollen belly - got to go for tests but vet thinks it maybe FIP

What can be done / how long might he have before it gets much worse ??Sad

putthehamsterbackinitscage · 19/04/2012 19:21

For anybody else who has to go through this, I had my beautiful kitten PTS today as he deteriorated very quickly

We only saw the vet yesterday after his belly became swollen earlier this week, but after ultrasound and tests today, his little body couldn't take anymore - he was anaemic, had a high temp and his heart was failing, as well as his liver and kidneys

It was probably wet or effusive FIP and we will get tests results next week that should confirm this.

It's been an awful day Sad

Willow89 · 20/04/2012 09:58

Oh no I'm so sorry! Only seeing this now god live you that was very quick the poor little thingSad

We are still waiting on results but not looking good, he said she could have up to 6 months will wait and see what happens anyway

OP posts:
Lizcat · 20/04/2012 16:54

Sorry I didn't reply soon enough for putt. I am afraid most of the cases of FIP I have been involved with have been of very short duration. I know some vets have extended life for up to about six months draining the abdomen and using feline interferon, but this approach is very expensive and invasive for the cat. It is a very frustrating disease there is no accurate test and we don't really understand much about it.

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