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is a lick a kiss?

15 replies

blighter · 30/03/2012 21:42

my cat often licks my hand or arm. is it because of salt (from sweat) that she likes or does she love me?!

OP posts:
crazynanna · 30/03/2012 21:44

she luffs you Smile

tabulahrasa · 30/03/2012 21:45

It's preparing a site so she can kill you...

I assume it's affection, sort of, my two groom each other when they're in a good mood - I think it's a bit like that, like when you wipe something off a toddler, lol

ClaimedByMe · 30/03/2012 21:45

Aww mine comes up and licks my nose, I like to think its kissies but I have no idea!

SecretNutellaFix · 30/03/2012 21:48

she loves you and wants something

blighter · 31/03/2012 12:02

tabula - :D that's really funny. ah, she must love me as she often licks me, either that or i have gravy on my hands.....really sweet

OP posts:
bruffin · 31/03/2012 12:16

I have a lickerGrin
I wonder if she uses it as a form of cleaning herself as she licks our hands then wants a stroke on the back of her head.

Fluffycloudland77 · 31/03/2012 17:52

I like to think of it as a kiss.

But I like to think a lot of things, doesnt mean it's true.

MaryPoppinsMagic · 01/04/2012 21:06
MissFoodie · 02/04/2012 15:48

am wel jel, mine doesnt lick me ever :(

bruffin · 02/04/2012 19:30

Being woken up at 4 o'clock in the morning by having your nose licked is not the nicest experience.

PineappleBed · 02/04/2012 19:34

Love! I knew I'd been accepted by our cats (after adopting them) when one night Minka strolled along the back f the sofa and licked my head then Dh's and sat down. When my mum came to stay she did the same to her after three days.

YNK · 02/04/2012 19:34

I had a cat that would wake me by licking open my eyelid! Freaky way to wake up!

bruffin · 02/04/2012 19:37

My cat is a rehomed cat. She had just had kittens but was very young herself.

Loupee · 02/04/2012 19:46

One of my cats had taken to waking up DH by licking his armpit! So when the cats lick me, its love, when they lick him its for the salty sweat Wink

sashh · 06/04/2012 06:12

I have onw who shows affection by licking, but only hair, she also wakes me up by tapping my eyes

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