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My cat wants to eat human food.

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Ilovedaintynuts · 28/03/2012 09:07

I have a beautiful black boy cat who is 9 months and neutered.
I adore cats and finally persuaded my DH we needed a cat even though we have 3 DCs, the youngest being 18 months.

He is perfect with the children, friendly, hugely affectionate, let's my 3 year old poke him and carry him around without getting his claws out. Just lovely. My perfect cat and I feel so lucky.

But. He is utterly obsessed with our food. He is trying to steal/eat our food all the time. Any food left out, be it chocolate, cheese, chips, cake, bread, fruit, basically anything is up for grabs.

He has learnt how to get in my fridge and raids it when allowed in the kitchen. With having young children there is always food around and I'm sickof seeing him dragging food out of kids plates/hands. My DH was eating chip shop chips last weekend and turned to pick up his drink and the whole lot was pulled off his lap and the cat was munching away.

I've tried smacking lightly and putting him outside. I'm starting to leave him outside more and more as it's just so annoying. For example he might be in 5 minutes and waits until someone opens the kitchen and he's in - pulling vegetables out of the rack or bread out of the bread bin.

What doesn't help is my DHis NOT a cat person and is starting to talk about getting rid of him.

He does not have worms, likes is own food and is great health (recently saw vet).

Any advice?

OP posts:
Chopstheduck · 28/03/2012 09:09

I'd get some locks for the fridge and cupboards. And a water pistol for meal times. I'm not sure smacking a cat works!

I had a cat that was jsut the same. We just had to not ever leave food out. Little shit stole my dinner a few times!

Ilovedaintynuts · 28/03/2012 09:09

BTW he definitely is a cat and not a dog Smile

OP posts:
Catsmamma · 28/03/2012 09:11

We had to put a child lock on the fridge to stop my first cat getting in. Hearing him miaow and finding him inside the fridge sat on the shelf next to the chicken I had planned for supper was the last straw!!

To be fair he got worse as he got older! So he'd have been about 13 when he learned to open the fridge.

Some cats like a challenge!

Fluffycloudland77 · 28/03/2012 09:53

Smacking wont work. You could make it a family rule that all meals/snacks are eaten at the kitchen table (you can tell I havent got kids cant you?)

My cat finds the fridge irresistable too, he probably thinks that where you go when you die.

Put puss in a different room while you eat and put a childproof lock on the fridge.

It sounds like you have a very intelligent cat but it is all about keeping him out of meal times rather than training him out of it. Once cats learn something you cant make them forget it.

Dont worry about your dh getting rid of it, does he want 3 little kids looking up at him, eyes welling up with tears and bottom lips trembling as he explains the cat is going? not to mention you joining in too? no he doesnt.

teanosugar · 28/03/2012 17:40

ooo... my mum always said never smack a cat as they never forget (prob an old wives tale)
Our five month old kitten is the same, you cannot eat a meal in peace! we now shut him in another room at mealtimes.
He has also started trying to get in the fridge (took him all of two hours when we first brought him home that the sound of the fridge opening meant food was out!
He has no qualms either about going up to the dogs dishes and sticking his head in there -while they are eating Hmm and trying to snaffle something out of there.
He also tries to bolt his food and get the other cats food.
They're young and they're boys, heres hoping they calm down and learn some manners soon!!

SecretSquirrels · 28/03/2012 18:06

When our kitten was young we shut him out of the dining room while we ate. No food is allowed on laps here anyway so that wasn't an issue but I also never, ever once gave him a titbit or leftover so he only ever been given cat food. He no longer shows any interest when we are eating.
Now what he eats in the garden is another matter....

stinkyfluffycat · 28/03/2012 18:14

You'll just have to shut him out of the room while you eat...
Do make sure he never gets anything with onions in though, they're poisonous to cats.

BrianCoxHasScaryHair · 28/03/2012 18:18

As he is an intelligent cat, have you tried some training?

My Bert is not the brightest button in the box, but I managed to get him out of the same habit.

He would pester DD (8yo) for food, at the table. I told DD that each time he did it, she was to say "NO" and place him on the floor. I did the same. It got ridiculously boring but eventually - he got bored, he was getting no food. He stopped.

On the few occasions when he wouldn't stop or it wasn't feasible to do the 'pick-up/No' routine, he was put in the garden (gently, no agression) and again, I would say 'NO'. Louder than my normal voice, firm - not shouting.

Cats are buggers, but I love 'em Grin

BibiBlocksberg · 30/03/2012 20:14

The obsession with human food only stretches to roast chicken, tiramisu and cheese in this house (oh, the casual face and the stretched neck in the direction of my plate/bowl are very amusing) but i have no experience with a human food of any kind obsessed cat.

While I'd never agree with physically disciplining any creature I just remembered that mummy cat gives a gentle tap on the bridge of the nose when her kittens are misbehaving and I've heard it can work quite well with adult cats as well.

I've accidentally bashed the front door on my tiggers bottom and once konked him on him on the head with a wine bottle in a bag on its way to the bin (wrong time and place if ever there was one) :)

Think he still holds those incidents against me Grin

Fluffycloudland77 · 30/03/2012 20:26

DH punched the cat in the face by accident once, he was opening a cat of cat chews and his hand flew off as they opended and smacked him straight on the nose.

He avoided dh for agess.

Fluffycloudland77 · 30/03/2012 20:26

or ages even.

BibiBlocksberg · 30/03/2012 20:59

:) Fluffy - mine went and sat pressed against a neighbours wall after the door incident looking at his house with an expression of utter sadness and bewilderment.

I swear he was trying to remember the tel no of the local abused cats hotline.

Had to go pick him up, administer lots of cuddles and apologies :)

Fluffycloudland77 · 30/03/2012 21:02

Yes, apologising is very important.

Forgiveness takes days though.

If they could dial the CPL they would.

crazynanna · 30/03/2012 21:05

I punched my kitten when making my bed once Shock I did n't realise she was there!

She just shook her head...and tried to kill my arm with her back they do Wink

Fluffycloudland77 · 30/03/2012 21:16

Funnily enough I stood on his tail yesterday and he didnt even flinch.

It was a few seconds before I thought "what the hell is that thing I'm standing on" then I looked down and it was his tail. He looked at me like Hmm.

NorkyPies · 30/03/2012 21:27

OP could your cat be needing some ingredient that's missing from his normal diet? What do you feed him as his normal cat food?

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