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Introducing our kitten to the great outdoors

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bebejones · 26/03/2012 17:03

Our little guy is 7months old, he was castrated & microchipped last week & has had all his jabs. I've had cats for years but I just can't remember how we let them go outside. Our other cat is nearly 5 & I can't even remember how we introduced him to outside! Blush

We live on a reasonably busy road but our house is raised up & set back from the road. We also have neighbours with dogs on both sides.

So far we have let him out under supervision every day for the past 5 days (his op was last Monday so we gave him a couple of days to recover but he has been desperate to go out). We've let him have a wander around & a sniff (in the back garden mostly as it is away from the road although he seems very spooked by the cars) but only while we are with him for about 15-20mins at a time.

I'm feeling very nervous about letting him out on his own. He is essentially my 3 year old DDs cat, and I am so worried about her getting upset should something happen to him. (Silly & irrational I guess) We don't have a cat flap & all our cats have been kept in at night time as we live semi-rural & I worry about foxes/badgers. Our older cat goes in and out through the window or door.

While the weather is lovely I have been contemplating leaving the back door open & just seeing what happens. But I just don't know! Confused What would you do?

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shutterbabe · 26/03/2012 17:07

I was so worried letting my kitten out. She was 6 months, and I did what you're doing. Supervised garden time, and then opened the back door. She followed the older cat, and copied him. Older cat not too happy about it, but at least we know she's learning from him!

Don't worry. He won't stray that far at first. Mine has been going out for two months now, and she only just goes beyond the garden and back.

good luck :)

Fluffycloudland77 · 26/03/2012 17:08

Let him out in the morning before breakfast, he will be starving and will come home when called.

Ours used to look out the window a lot and knew the local layout quite well.

They dont stray very far at first, then one day they go over/under the fence and you fret until they come back.

Nerve racking isnt it?

shutterbabe · 26/03/2012 17:12

its like having kids. When mine first went out on her own for the day I sat at work and panicked.
Got home and she'd come back in and was asleep on the bed :)

bebejones · 26/03/2012 18:51

My DH thinks I'm being way OTT about it all. But I'm just so worried that something bad will happen & poor DD will just be devastated.

I think letting him out before breakfast is a good idea, he's definitely motivated by food! I'm home all day (most days) so leaving the door/window open when it's warm is possibly my next step. I'm just so completely paranoid! Need to get a grip.

He's such a softie, & very friendly but unfortunately not that bright! :o

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