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Need some help from people who have adopted rescue animals...

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QuietTiger · 14/03/2012 18:32

Hello folks - I wonder if those of you who have adopted from a rescue could help me out.

I work with a small local rescue and they are in the process of sorting out their adoption contracts so that they can make sure they have a "good" adoption agreement/contract for both the adopter and the rescue.

I have a number of contracts already through other contacts (and my own adoptions Grin )- Wiccaweys Border Collie Rescue, Dogs Trust, Greyhound Rescue Wales, RSPCA, Catwell & Cats Protection, but I am looking for adoption contracts from other good independent rescues so that we can really take the best bits and make the contract we use into one of the best ones out there.

What I would like, if possible, is if any MN-ers who have adopted from a rescue who still have a copy of their adoption contract, would it be possible to send me a copy? I know that several MN-ers have adopted from "Many Tears", for example, as well as their "local" rescues who don't have a big presence.

If you could help and PM me, I would be really grateful.


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issey6cats · 14/03/2012 22:08

hi not only work for haworth cat rescue i have two cats from there i will dig out one of the adoption forms if you pm me your address i will send a copy of one of them to you ok

QuietTiger · 15/03/2012 07:24

That would be fab, thank you. Will PM anon. :)

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