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Need some advice - Should I get a new cat?

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TheOnlyWayIsEnfield · 11/03/2012 18:07

Hello fellow feline fans,
My beloved 18mo tom cat has run away/got lost. We last saw him on Valentine's day, since when we have door-to-doored, done two rounds of posters and leaflets to all houses in the surrounding roads, called all the shelters and vets in the area, reported him missing on online forums, to no avail. We have had some calls back from our leaflets, but it is never our cat. We are both devastated. I had been leaving his chip-operated flap open 24/7 so he could get away from the baby's crying if he wanted to, so maybe he just wasn't used to being out at night, and something happened to him because of that?
I haven't given up hope of him returning, but it has been nearly a month now, so we are having to face the fact that he might not ever come back. Sad
Here's my dilemma. We have a 6 week old baby. Arguably, this is why our mog ran away in the first place, although he seemed to be getting used to the baby, and we will never know for sure.
We got him from the local RSPCA shelter. In the not too distant future I would love to get a new cat from them. But I can't help wondering if it is a bad idea to get another cat at the moment because of the baby? I would like to hear some other people's opinions about this. Should we get another cat, under the circumstances? If so, when would be a suitable time?
I wish our cat would come home, but how long should we keep hoping that this might happen?
Love to hear your thoughts...TIA

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issey6cats · 11/03/2012 20:54

sorry to hear about your cat, you have done all the right things, have you asked people to check thier sheds and garages aswell as cats quite often get shut in and hide if someone they dont know comes in,

or could be someone has taken him in being young and hasnt told you they have done so, i would suggest wait a little while longer till baby becomes more settled into a routine and isnt crying full pelt all the time,

is he neutered because it is the start of breeding season and if hes not neutered would be about the right age to go looking for a female,

another thing you can try is emptying the contents of your hoover in the garden its supposed to give them the scent of your house if they are lost,and going away from your house at night and calling him gently moving back towards your house if hes hiding he may hear your voice other than this i havent any other suggestions,

TheOnlyWayIsEnfield · 11/03/2012 21:28

Thanks for the suggestions. He is neutered. I'll have a go with the hoover thing - that's a great one! Hate the thought of him stuck somewhere and can't get out Sad

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